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SS Darby C-4 HT


When did cotton become king? During the antebellum era before the civil war.
Why was cotton in high demand? For the textile industry
Who invented the cotton gin? Eli Whitney
What increased the export of southern cotton? Cotton Gin
What did the cotton gin do for farmers? Increased the profit and demand of the cash crop.
(1808) What did the up-country and low-country rely on? Cotton and slavery
As cotton fields expanded across the south so did the _____ population. Slave
Plantations develop into ________________ into communities.
What two different structures did slavery manifest? task and gang system
In slave quarter, Africans bonded with family and other through what means? Through music, weddings, and story telling.
Who was the man who bought his freedom? Demark Vesey
Who secretly organized slaves to rebel against their owner? Denmary Vesey
How many days did field hands work? 6 days. 2 weeks, 2 weeks doing tedious work.
What work did field hands do? Plowing, Planting, Weeding, Harvesting, Tending to Livestock.
Define nationalism pride for the whole country.
Define sectionalism focus on local or regional issues.
What doubled the size of the United States? Louisiana Purchase
What two words describe pride and regional issues? Nationalism and Sectionalism
Bought from Napoleon Louisiana Purchase
America was growing in size and trade. What was an issues? British ships
Who fought in the war of 1812? GB and US
Who triumphed in the war of 1812? US
Was Missouri a free or slave state? Slave state
Was Maine a free state or slave state? Free state
Who were the Grimicke Sisters? Abolitionist who did not believe in slavery
Created by: JScarborough