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8th grade ss Chap#5


ARCHAEOLOGIST scientist who studies the items left behind by ancient people.
ARTIFACT an item left behind by ancient people and studied by archaeologists to learn how they lived
ARTISAN skilled craftsman
ATLATL throwing stick with weights
CALUMET peace pipe
CLAN a group related by blood.
CONQUISTADOR Spanish conqueror
FAST to take no food or water.
IMMUNITY natural resistance to disease.
INTERCROPPING farming method of planting two or more crops with different harvest times in the same plot of land.
MAIZE corn.
MIDDEN ancient garbage dump.
NOMAD wanderer.
PALEO ancient.
PIROGUE boat made from a burned out cypress log.
PLUMMET teardrop-shaped stone used to weight weapons.
POVERTY POINT a prehistoric earthwork of the Poverty Point culture dating back to 3700 BC. now a World Heritage Site.
SAGAMITE dish made from ground corn.
SHARD broken pottery piece.
STINKARD common people.
TEMPLE MOUND a mound build by prehistoric indians for religious ceremonies.
TOTEM tribal symbol.
TRAITEURS healers.
TREATY a formal agreement between two or more nations.
TRIBE group of people who share a common ancestory, language, name,and way of living.
WATTLE AND DAUB building method of covering woven sticks with mud plaster.
PREHISTORIC the time before written histoiry
MOUND a raised area created by prehistoric people and though 5o be used for ceremonial and burial purposes.
MESO middle
NEO new
AWL long sharp spikes used to pierce holes in wood or leather
PRIMATIVE not advanced.
YELLOW FEVER a deadly disease spread by the bite of an infective mosquito,
Created by: asimien907
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