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U.S. Constitution

Federalism, Anti Federalism, ratification, Bill of Rights

What was the goal of the Bill of Rights? Protect citizen's basic rights.
George Mason Federalist or Anti Federalist? Anti Federalist
What is the division of powers between the national government and states called? Federalism/ federal system
who was the first and last state to ratify the constitution? Delaware / Rhode Island
What were some reasons Anti-federalist opposed the ratification of the Constitution? Did not contain the bill of rights and gave the large states to much power.
Amendment 1 protects what? Speech, religion, press, assemble, and petition.
James Madison Federalist or Anti Federalist? Federalist
Set of publishing written by James Madison and Alexander Hamilton. Federalist Papers
"We the people" means that the constitution gets its powers from who? the citizens
The President can check the power of congress through what process? the VETO
What principle is expressed in the Preamble? Social Contract
Under the federal system the final authority comes from what? The Constitution
The sixth amendment guarantees what right to citizens? A Speedy Trial
What did Gouverneur Morris do at the Constitutional Convention? He wrote the final version of the constitution.
Which amendment allows you the right to protest? The 1st Amendment
What is the idea that the people are the primary source of the government's authority? popular sovereignty
What was a result of Shays' Rebellion? Revision of the Articles of Confederation
Who opposed the Virginia Plan? Why? Smaller states because they believed they would be over powered by the larger states.
How many states did it take to amend the Articles of Confederation? 13
Was the central government weak or strong under the Articles of Confederation? WEAK
What determined the amount of seats in the legislative branch under the Virginia plan? population
What broke the deadlock between the Virginia Plan supporters and New Jersey Plan supporters? Great Compromise
Which Branch interprets the laws? Judicial Branch
What law helped stop the spread of slavery to the West? Northwest Ordinance
What decided that a fraction of enslaved people were included into a states population to determine representation? three-fifths compromise
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