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1st sem review pt2

Prolific writer/poet who celebrated African American culture and life Langston Hughes
She was head of NAWSA and used the political process to get women the right to vote? Carrie Chapman Catt
A formula to determine how many immigrants could enter the US annually from a given country Quota System
He applied mass production techniques to manufacture automobiles; initiated major changes that impacted wages, working conditions, and daily life. Henry Ford
A group of ships that travels together during WWI for safety? Convoy
Rural farmers produced huge surpluses of food that depressed prices Farmers couldn’t afford to buy goods or repay their loans
created in 1932 to lend cash to investors to stimulate the economy Reconstruction Finance Corporation
Who was the Archduke of Austria-Hungary that was assassinated in 1914? Franz Ferdinand
. President Hoover responded cautiously to the depression because he thought that the business cycle would correct itself.
A movement of 1.2 million African-Americans from the South to the North? The Great Migration
The first sports celebrity nicked-named the “Sultan of Swat” and the “Bambino”? Babe Ruth
The unemployment rate among African Americans was nearly double the national rate.
A 1917 law that gave postal authorities the power to ban treasonable or seditious material from the mail. Sedition Act
A person whose moral and religious views forbid participation in war? Conscientious Objector
An English passenger ship that was sunk by a German U-Boat? The Lusitania
When millions of acres in the Great Plains that were destroyed when dust storms blew away the soil- Dust Bowl
Analysis of a manufacturing process to improve speed and efficiency Scientific Management
Agreement to outlaw war as an instrument of national policy Kellogg-Briand Pact
The Central powers included the following countries: Germany & Austria-Hungry
Why did so many banks fail at the onset of the Great Depression? Too many depositors tried to withdraw their money all at once.
He took over the presidency after T. Roosevelt retired from office but failed to keep Roosevelt’s Progressive policies in place. W.H. Taft
A popular silent film star who was known for his physical comedy. Charlie Chaplin
Periodic expansion and contraction of the economy Business cycle
This virus caused a deadly epidemic in 1918, causing between 20-50 million deaths? Influenza
Telegram in which the German foreign minister proposed an alliance with Mexico against the US. Zimmerman Note
This group wanted to reform things like: child labor, worker’s rights, and consumer safety Progressives
Harlem Renaissance writers who showed the struggles of ordinary African Americans and called for social and political change? Claude McKay
Senator who opposed ratification of the Treaty of Versailles? Henry Cabot Lodge
Great Plains farmers forced off their land by the Dust Bowl Okies
This Progressive lady took on John D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil? Ida Tarbell
The flowering of African-American arts and literature in the 1920s in New York Harlem Renaissance
The collapse of the United States and world economies beginning in 1929. Great Depression
Where charities or local agencies gave food to the poor Bread line
Buying on credit by making an initial down payment and the paying the balance over time Installment Buying
Both African Americans and Mexican Americans had an especially difficult time during the Great Depression because they faced discrimination when competing for jobs.
This was the first talking motion picture? The Jazz Singer
. She established settlement houses in Chicago to help immigrants? Jane Addams
The Allied Powers included the following countries: Britain, France, & Russia
The tragic event that took place here killed a 156 people (mostly women) and helped to change workplace safety? Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
Folklorist and author of Their Eyes were Watching God Zora Neal Hurston
General who led American Forces in Europe? General John Pershing
A world organization thought of by President Wilson to promote peaceful corporation between countries. League of Nations
This trumpet player influenced the development of Jazz. Louis Armstrong
The general right for citizens to present a new bill? initiative
A law that gave the government power to enforce the 18th Amendment Volstead Act
The process that allows citizens to approve or reject a law passed by a legislature Referendum
Secretary of Commerce Under Harding; favored voluntary cooperation between businesses and workers Herbert Hoover
A process in which voters can remove elected officials from office before their term ends? Recall
Created by: CHS-TREADWAY



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