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HI Pp. 164-170

Ch. 13 QUIZ

Who called together the first meeting of Parliament in 1265? Simon de Montfort
nicknamed "Longshanks" for his long legs Edward 1
where a representative government became a regular feature of English government "Model Parliament"
petitions in which they represented to the king for his enactment before they would agree to new taxes Bills
The great nobles and the high church leaders began to sit apart in which they are known as what? House of Lords
When the representatives came together and represented the entire English nation, they were known as what? House of Commons
the Prince of Wales Llewellyn
the national hero of Scotland Sir William Wallace
represented the Scottish nobles Robert the Bruce
What battle did Robert the Bruce and Edward 2 fight and Edward's army was almost annihilated in the most appalling disaster the English army had ever suffered since the Norman Conquest? Battle of Bannockburn
the war in which England clashed with France, with a few interruptions Hundred Years' War 1337-1453
England won several famous battles in this war flight in what 3 French soils? Crècy, Poitiers, Agincourt
a peasant girl who claimed to hear "heavenly voices" to lead the French army into battle Joan of Arc
England lost the war and all its land in France except the port of _______ . Calais
the last Plantagenet king who lost the throne during the Hundred Years' War Richard 2
The dynasty of the House of Lancaster began under what king? Henry 4
so-named because the Lancasters used a red rose as their emblem and the Yorks a white rose as theirs Wars of the Roses
battle when Henry Tudor defeated the last York ruler and became Henry 7 Battle of Bosworth Field
the first Tudor king of England Henry 7
named for the Franks France
What line of kings marked the beginning of the modern French nation? Capetian
Who's coronation began the Capetian line of kings? Hugh Capet
Hugh Capet's own feudal domain, centered in Paris Ile-de-France
made the French monarchy stronger than any other single noble in France Philip 2
the French version of Parliament Estates-General
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