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Big Businesses

Reasons for rise of BIG BUSINESS 1) National markets were created in transportational advances 2) Captains of Industry created nation-wide business opperations 3) Big Business grew as a way to reach and influence 4) Advertisments - cost methods of catalogs were developed
Textile Industry (Location) The New England States
Automobile Industry (Location) Detroit, Michigan
Steel Industry (Location) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Meat Packing Industry (Location) Chicago, Illinois
Shipping and Railroads (Captain of Industry) Vanderbilt
Automobiles (Captain of Industry) Ford
Oil Refining (Captain of Industry) Rockefeller
Steel Making (Captain of Industry) Carnegie
What was a monopoly? Exclusive possesion or control of an industry
Thomas Edison's contribution? Electric lighting and mechanical uses of electricity
Alexander Bell's invention? Telephone
Industrialization increased the need for _____? Labor
Four factors led to growth of industry H - HOPE for better opportunites E - ESCAPE from oppresive government A - Desire for ADVENTURE R - Desire for RELIGIOUS freedom
Created by: Lili.Rose333