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1st sem review pt 1

Known as “Empress of the Blues” the most well-known, well-paid artist of her time? Bessie Smith
A law that established a military draft in 1917. Selective Service Act
Buying stock on credit by paying a percentage up front and borrowing the rest of its cost. buying on margin
This was created by women who thought men were spending too much time and money on alcohol (also because immigrant drankalcohol)? Temperance Movement
Became President in 1920 promised a “Return to Normalcy”? Warren G. Harding
A group violently opposed to immigrants, Catholics, Jews, & African-American. Ku Klux Klan (KKK)
Why did many Americans want new leadership in 1932? President Hoover's economic policies had failed.
This gave women the right to vote in 1919 19th Amendment
A march on Washington in 1932 in which World War I veterans seek bonus payment Bonus Army
A period of rising prices in the stock market Bull Market
He wrote “How the Other Half Live” which exposed poor living conditions in the city. Jacob Riis
Payment for war damages Reparations
Rural farmers who lost their land but stayed on to work for larger landowners Tenant farmers
An exclusively American art form based on improvisation that came to represent the Roaring Twenties? Jazz
October 24, 1929, the day the stock market crashed Black Tuesday
This outlawed monopolies? Sherman Antitrust Act
This banned the selling, making, and transportation of alcoholic beverages? 18th Amendment
Teddy Roosevelt’s plan for a fair and honest government and to help working class people? Square Deal
Manufacturing technique in which products move past worker, each whom adds one small component Assembly Line
policy whereby problems are best solved at the state and local level and not by the federal government Localism
The rapid, large-scale manufacture of identical products? Mass Production
The first person to fly solo and non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean in a plane named The Spirit of St. Louis? Charles Lindberg
These deadly weapons were used for the first time during World War I? Submarines, tanks, airplanes, Machine guns, artillery guns, poison gas
Shantytowns set up on empty land in cities Hoovervilles
Trenches that stretched from the Belgian coast to the Swiss border with France. The Western Front
Someone who illegally sold alcohol during Prohibition Bootlegger
Founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and the “Back to Africa” movement who promoted black pride. Marcus Garvey
When investors gamble that stock prices will rise is called Speculation
The right of people to choose their own form of government? Self-Determination
A flood of new, affordable goods. Consumer Revolution
She was jailed for telling women about birth control. Margaret Sanger
She was a young, radical suffragist who founded the National Women’s Party? Alice Paul
Farmers contributed to the problems that led to the Dust Bowl by Using intensive farming practices that removed protective grasses
A young woman of the 1920s who rejected traditional values and dress. Flapper
Another name for a German Submarine? U-Boats
1925 “Monkey Trial” which challenged a law against teaching Darwin’s Theory of Evolution in Tennessee public schools Scopes Trial
Huge public works project on the Colorado River that provided jobs, water for irrigation, and power Hoover Dam
Term for killed, wounded, or missing solider. Casualty
Economic theory that held that money lent to large banks and corporations would in turn be invested in small businesses which would hire more workers- Trickle-Down Economics
This redrew the map of Europe and broke up the Ottoman Empire? Treaty of Versailles
. Secretary of the Interior Albert Fall took bribes in return for leasing federal oil reserves to private companies Teapot Dome Scandal
High protective tariff passed in June 1930 that contributed to a worldwide depression. Hawley-Smoot Tariff
Automobile manufactured by Henry Ford to be affordable to a mass market? Model T
Wilson’s plan for lasting peace and cooperation? Fourteen Points
Why did volunteerism fail Businesses and citizens acted in their own best interests.
Created by: CHS-TREADWAY
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