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Chapter 4:3-4

Revolutionary War

Bunker Hill The Americans tried unsuccessfully to get the British to leave Boston, May 1775
General William Howe This general won the Battle of Bunker Hill, but suffered many casualties to do so
Henry Knox He transported cannons from Ticonderoga to Boston in the Winter of 1775-1776
Fort Ticonderoga British fort captured by Ethan Allen
Ethan Allen He captured Ft. Ticonderoga and took the cannons
Thomas Paine Inspiring author of "Common Sense" and "The American Crisis"
Mercenaries Professional soldiers who will fight for whoever pays them
Hessians Professional German soldiers hired by Britain; they were defeated at Trenton
Continental Dollar Worthless paper currency issued by the Second Continental Congress
Molly Pitcher She helped fire the cannons at the Battle of Monmouth
Trenton Washington attacked this town on the day after Christmas
Princeton Washington defeated Cornwallis here in January of 1777
Delaware River Washington crossed this river on Christmas Day, 1776
Marquis de Lafayette French officer who volunteered to help George Washington
Ben Franklin American diplomat in France during the Revolutionary War
Valley Forge Washington's soldiers suffered through a bitter winter here
Baron Von Steuben He trained Washington's soldiers at Valley Forge
Philadelphia City located near Valley Forge
Saratoga This battle led to the French decision to become allies with the United States
Hudson River The Battle of Saratoga was part of a plan to control this river
Monmouth Washington's army tried to stop the British retreat from Philadelphia to New York City, Summer 1778
Indians British allies during the American Revolution
Loyalists Americans who supported the British
Yorktown Final Battle of the American Revolution
General Cornwallis Surrendered to Washington at Yorktown
Mississippi River Western boundary of the US after the Revolution
Treaty of Paris 1783 This officially ended the American Revolution
Manumission The practice of voluntarily freeing your slaves
British This side offered freedom to enslaved African Americans during the American Revolution
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