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Cold War Key Terms

Cold War An era of high tension and better rivalry between the U.S. and Soviet Union
Iron Curtain A term coined by Churchill referring to the sharp divide between communist Eastern Europe and democratic Western Europe
Containment U.S. foreign policy which focused on stopping the spread of communism by providing economic and military aid to countries opposing the Soviets
United Nations An international peace-keeping agency created after WWII
Red Scare A paranoia made worse by two events in 1949 - the Soviets have an atomic bomb & China falls to Communism
House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) Investigated radical groups in the U.S. such as fascists and communists, this committee was very controversial because it was a violation of democratic rights
McCarthyism Tactic of spreading fear and making baseless charges , despite his lack of evidence, many people easily believed McCarthy because of their fears, he caused many people to lose their jobs and reputations
U-2 Incident
Hydrogen Bomb First created by the U.S. in 1952 by fusing together hydrogen atoms, hundreds of times more powerful than atom bomb, developed by Soviets in 1953
National Defense Education Act U.S. law that provided millions of dollars to improve education in science, mathematics, and foreign language, this law was passed because the Soviets launched the first satellite into orbit and Americans fears they were falling behind the Soviets
Duck and Cover A cartoon created by the Civil Defense Administration to education children on how to survive an atomic bomb
Hollywood 10 A group of directors and writers whose careers were ruined because they refused to give names of possible communists
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