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100 Flowering Ideas

Taxia - Zygo

-taxia muscle coordination; ataxia- loss of coordination of the muscles
tel/o- end or outward; telophase- the last stage of mitosis
tempor/o- temple; temporal- Of, relating to, or near the temples of the skull
ten/o- tendon; tenodesis- the operation of suturing the end of a tendon to a bone
tens/o- to stretch or stretches; tensor- a muscle that stretches or tightens some part of the body
terat/o- monster; teratology- the study of monsters
teres round; teres- round and smooth ligaments that are cylindrical
term end, place at the end, boundary; term- a set period of time, like the end of pregnancy
tert/i- third; tertiary stage- the third stage of condition/disease
test/e- shell or seed producer; testicle- the appearance is that of a shell and it produces seed called sperm
tetan/o- spasm or spasms; tetany- a state marked by severe, intermittent tonic contractions and muscular pain, due to abnormal calcium metabolism
tetr/a- four; tetraology- studing Fallot's Heart, four
thanat/o- death; thanatology- the study of the effects of death and dying
thel/o- nipple; thelectomy- the surgical removal of the nipple
then/o- palm of hand or sole of foot; thenar-the fleshy mass of the outer side of the palm of the hand
theo- GOD; theomania- a delusional mental illness in which a person believes himself or herself to be God or specially chosen by God, as to found a religious order
therap/o- treating or curing; therapy- the treatment of disease or disorders, as by some remedial, rehabilitating, or curative proces
therm/o- heat, hot or warm; thermometer- to measure heat
thorac/o- chest; thoracocentesis- removal of fluid from the chest by centesis for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes
thromb/o- clot, clump together, curdle; thrombosis- harding of the arteries causing blood to clot
thym/o- soul, emotion, flowery smell; thymus- referring to the thymus gland
thyr/o- shield or shield shaped; thyroid- the organ that creates the immune system so it shields your body
tibia- shinbone; tibial- referring to the shin bone
-tic capable of or state to; caustic- remarks that have some burn to them
tinea- fungus; tineal- referring to fungus
tinnitus jingling, tinkling, ringing; tinnitus- a constant ringing in the ears
-tion process of or procedure of; nutrition- process of making sure you eat the right things
-tive nature of or quality of; insensitive- to feel the nature of the emotion
toci/o- birth, giving birth, birthing; dystocia- difficult birthing process
-tome cutting instrument; dermatome- an instrument used to cut skin
ton/o- tension, tone, pressure; tonometer- something that measures pressure in the eye
tonsill/o- almond shape; tonsillectomy- removal of the tonsils
top/o- location; topal- referring to a specific location
torsi- twisted; torsion- referring to twisting of the body part
tox/o- poison; toxic- referring to poison
trache/o- rough; tracheotomy- the operation of cutting into the trachea
tract/o- to draw or pull; traction-the deliberate and prolonged pulling of a muscle, organ, or the like, as by weights, to correct dislocation, relieve pressure
trans- across or through; transfusion- the direct transferring of blood, plasma, or the like into a blood vessel
trauma wound
-tresia perforation or opening; atresia- the congenital absence, or the pathological closure, of an opening, passage, or cavity
tri- three; trigeminal-Of, pertaining to, or designating, the fifth pair of cranial nerves, which divide on each side of the head into three main branches distributed to the orbits, jaws, and parts of the mouth
triage to sort of classify
trich/o- hair; trichocryptosis- any hair follicle disease; hidden part of the hair
-trigo- rubbing; intertrigo- friction causing skin weakness usually between digits and fungus infection
trochle/o- pulley or pulley like; trochlear- innervates superior oblique eye muscles
trop/o- (trop/in) stimulate or to turn; gonadotropin- stimulating testes and ovary production
troph/o- development, nourishment or nutrition; hypertrophy- abnormal enlargement of a part or organ
-tripsy to crush; lithotripsy- crushing stones
trypan/o- borer, to bore, drill; trypanosomiasis
tub/o- canal or tube; tubal ligation
tubercul/o- swelling, nodule, tubercule; tuberculosis- swelling within lungs, bones and in other body tissues
tum/o- swelling or tumor growth; tumor- swelling
turgor/o- swelling; turgor- skin test for hydration, looking at swelling
-tussis cough; pertussis- whooping cough
tympan/o- eardrum; tympanitis- inflammation of the eardrum
typhy/o- stupor; typhoid- bacterial infection causing high fever and stupored state
ulcer- sore; ulceration- process of getting a sore
-ule small or lesser; tubule- small or lesser canal
uln/a- elbow; ulnar- referring to the elbow
ultra- beyond; ultrasound- beyond normal levels of sound waves to get a picture
umbilic/o- navel; umbilical- referring to the navel
unguin/o- nail; unguinal- pertaining to the nail
ur/o- urine; urology- studying urine
ureter/o- small canal; ureteritis- inflammation of the ureter
urethero- canal; urethritis- inflammation of the tube running form the urinary bladder to the outside of body
urticari/o- hives or nettles; urticaria- pertaining to getting hives
utero- womb; uteral- referring to the womb
uve/a- grape; uveitis- inflammation of the thin membrane between retina and the eye
vag/o- wanderer (the longest cranial nerve); vagus- pertaining to a wondering
vagin/o- sheath; vaginal- referring to the sheath
valgu- inward; valgus- an abnormally turned position of a part of the bone structure of a human being
valvul/o- tiny fold or small valve; valvulitis- inflammation of a valve, esp. a heart valve, often caused by rheumatic fever
var/u- outward; varus- abnormal angulation of a bone or joint, with the angle pointing away from the midline
varic/o- twisted; vericocele- ruptured or twisted vein
varicella tiny spot; varicella- a tiny spot, chickenpox lesions
vas/o- vessel; vasectomy- excision of the vas deferens, or of a portion of it: performed to effect sterility in men
ven/o- vein; venous- pertaining to a vein
ventr/o- belly; ventral- referring to belly
vera- true
vermi- worm; vermiform- shaped like a worm
verruca/e- wart; plantar verruca- wart on the feet
-version turn or to turn; inversion- to turn inward (usually the foot)
vertebr/o- jointed; veterbral- referring to the joints
vertigo whirling; vertigo- maze part of labyrinth of inner ear inflamed causing a spinning sensation
vesic/o- sac or small blister; vesical- pertaining to a small sac or blister
vill/i- shaggy hair; villus- hair-like structure in small intestine that absorbs nutrients into the blood
vir/o- poison; viral- referring to poison
viscer/a- organ; eviscerate- take out the organs of the stomach
vit/o- alive, life, living; vital- pertaining to life
vitilig/o- to corrupt
volv/o- to twist, twisting, rolling; volvulus- referring to twisting or rolling
vulv/o- covering; vulva- the skin covering the vagina
wheal round or circle; wheal = wheel, duh
whitlow white flow; whitflow- white flow
xanth/o- yellow; xanthderm- yellow skin
xen/o- strange or foreign; xenophobia- fear of strangers
xero- dry; xeroderma- having dry skin
yaws raspberry appearance
-y procedure of or process of; therapy- process of being treated and cured
zygo- union; zygote- baby eggs
Created by: kccroy
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