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American Revolution


Who said, "Give me Liberty...or give me death!" Patrick Henry
Who arrived into Boston in April 1775? Redcoats/British soldiers
Who was Ethan Allen? A Vermont blacksmith known for his temper.
What was the name of the band of Vermonters that Ethan Allen led? Green Mountain Boys
Where did the Green Mountain Boys meet? Second continental congress
Name two famous colonists that wanted to declare independence. Sam and John Adams
What did the colonists send King George III? The Olive Branch Petition
Who was the commander of the Continental Army? George Washington
What was one weakness of the Continental Army? They had few cannons, little gunpowder and no navy.
Where did Colonel William Prescott take a position? Bunker Hill in Charleston
What did the British General William Howe do when he spotted the American troops? Ferried across the harbor with 2,400 redcoats.
Why do you think the American's shouted, "Do not shoot until you see the whites of their eyes?" To make every bullet worth it.
What was the first major battle of the Revolution called? The battle of Bunker Hill
What was Washington's job in mid-summer? To quickly begin to turn raw recruits into a trained army.
In January 1776, what did King George III order? A blockade of all colonial ports.
What is a blockade? The shutting down of a port to keep people or supplies from moving in or out.
What did Richard Montgomery do? Seized the city in 1775 and moved towards Quebec.
Were the Americans successful in conquering Quebec? No
What was the name of the pamphlet Thomas Paine wrote? Common Sense
What did Thomas Paine's pamphlet show colonists? Nothing to gain if the colonists stayed under British rules.
What did Richard Henry Lee offer as a resolution? United colonies are and right ought to be free.
What is a traitor? A person who betrays his/hers country.
Who was on the Continental Congress Committee? John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Roger Sherman.
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
What date was the Declaration of Independence signed? July 4, 1776
The Declaration of Independence has three parts. Name the three parts of the declaration. Basic Rights, British Wrongs, and Independent Nation.
What did Part 3 of the Declaration announce? We are our own country.
What was a Patriot? Support independence
What was a Loyalist? Loyal to Britain
What was the war against Great Britain called? American Revolution
What battle did General George Howe fight in? Long Island
Who slipped behind British lines and spied on the troops? Nathan Hale
What did Nathan Hale say before he was sentenced to death? "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country."
What happened on December 26, 1776? Americans attacked the troops guarding Trenton.
How did Washington defeat General Charles Cornwallis on January 2, 1777? Fooled Cornwallis by leaving the fires burning and slipped behind British lines.
Who retreated from the British army on July 1777? General Howe
What country became a very important ally to the Americans? France
Who was sent to Paris to persuade the French King to help the Americans? Benjamin Franklin
What is a treaty? A formal concluded and ratified agreement between countries.
What were some of the hardships the Continental Army had to face in the winter of 1777-1778? Shivered in damp huts, slept on ice, little to no clothing, no shoes and suffered from a disease.
Did the Native Americans become involved in the war? No
Who led Virginia in an attack against the British? George Rodgers
The American navy could not battle against which country? British Navy
Name the American captain that captured many British ships? John Paul Jones
How did Washington change his policy relating to African Americans during the American Revolution? Free African Americans to enlist.
What unit did most African Americans serve in? Integrated units
How many African Americans served in the Continental Army by the end of the war? 5,000
What did the Black Patriots hope the Revolution would bring an end to? Slavery
Who were the three African Americans that crossed the Delaware River with George Washington in December 1776? Isaac Johns, Billy Lee and Prince Whipple.
What did the women do when the men went off to war? They washed clothes and harvested.
What did Betsy Ross do? Made the first American flags.
What did Mary Ludwig do in the Revolution? Carried water to the soldiers.
What happened at the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge? They defeated the Loyalist army.
What was the bad news about Benedict Arnold? The best general who had joined the British.
What general did Washington plan to trap? British general Cornwallis
What song did the British army play when they handed over their weapons to the Americans? "The World turned Upside down"
Who did Congress send over to France to sign the treaty with the British? Benjamin Franklin and John Adams.
What happened under the treaty of Paris? British recolonized the US as an independent nation
Define the term, ratified. Approved
What happened in December 1783? General Washington bid farewell to his officers at Tavern in New York City.
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