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UShist EXAM REVIEW 1, Part 3

Capitalism economic system - based on private ownership, free markets and competition
Bessemer Process Invention used to convert iron to steel
Urbanization growth of cities
Political Machine Illegal gang that influences votes
Socialism Economic system where major industries are owned by government
Susan B. Anthony President of the National American Woman Suffrage Association
Woodrow Wilson Former President of Princeton University-won election of 1912 because Republican vote was split
William McKinley Assassinated; Teddy Roosevelt became president in his place
Robert LaFollette Governor and Senator from Wisconsin - "laboratory for Democracy"
18th Amendment Prohibition; alcohol illegal
Pure Food and Drug Act Banned sale of impure foods and medicine
Muckrakers journalists who helped fuel public demand for reform
Trusts Unfair for business to gain control forming trusts
Meat Inspection Act protected people against unsafe meat
William Seward leader arranged for purchase of Alaska
Queen Liliuokalani Limited the power of American planters in Hawaii
Emilio Aguinaldo Fought against colonial rule in the Philippines
Poncho Villa led raid into New Mexico
Zimmerman Telegram Agreement that would have allied Germany and Mexico
American Expeditionary Force American fighting force during WWI
Selective Service Act Draft for men ages 18-30 during WWI
Great Migration Mass movement of African Americans to Northern cities during WWI
Eddie Rickenbacker American : Ace of Aces
Gavrilo Princip Assassinated Franz Ferdinand: part of the cause of WWI
Franz Ferdinand heir of Austria-Hungary that was assasinated
John J Pershing General of the American Expeditionary Force
Sacco and Vanzetti Known anarchists sentenced to execution based on circumstantial evidence
Fundamental belief that every word of the Bible is literally true - against teaching of evolution
Expatriate Person who by choice lives outside his home country
Harlem Renaissance African American cultural movement
Evolution Scientific theory explaining diversity of life
Lost Generation Pessimistic American Author who wrote of the despair of WWI
Langston Hughes Most famous poet of Harlem Renaissance
Sinclair Lewis Member of Lost Generation - he wrote Babbitt
Warren Harding "Return to Normalcy" President - scandal while in office
Charles Lindberg 1st person to fly across Atlantic
John Scopes Teacher - got into trouble for teaching evolution
Created by: Freshmensphs