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UShist EXAM REVIEW 1, Part 2

Sphere of influence Europeans in China
Spanish American War "Splendid Little War"
George Dewey: Hero defeated Spanish fleet in Spanish American War
"Speak softly and carry a big stick" Roosevelt's foreign policy
Annexation of Hawaii Because Queen Liliuokalani wanted to limit power of American planters due to tariffs on foreign sugar. Annexation would benefit American growers.
Boxer Rebellion Chinese resented foreign presence in their country
The Maine Ship exploded in Havana Harbor - start of war
Rough RIders Voluntary cavalry unit fought the Spanish in Cuba
Cuba Platt Amendment - gave US right to intercede in Cuban affairs
Matthew Perry/Japan Matthew Perry sailed to Japan in the 1950's and forced them to sign a treaty opening their US ports
Russian in WWI Russia withdrew from war
Convoy System protect merchant ships from U-Boats
Espionage Act Limited freedom of speech during war time
Schenck vs United States: Convicted of distributing pamphlets against draft
Treaty of Versailles: Germany had to pay $33 million in reparations
"Peace without victory" Wilson; wanted war over - did not want to punish
Effects of WWI on WWII: WWI never 'ended' because Germany was unhappy with outcome - this planted the seed for WWII
Role of women in WWI Worked outside of the home; factories/nurses
Teapot Dome Scandal Albert Fall - this happened during Harding's Presidency - scandal oil fields
Laissez-Faire Economics Theory government should keep hands off economy
NAACP worked for justice and equality of blacks
President and Business in the 1920's Harding and Coolidge supported big business
Marcus Garvy "Back to Africa" Movement
Henry Ford Model T - Moving Assembly Line
Normalcy Harding - wanted things to return to normal after WWI
William Jennings Bryan Supported by Democrats & Populists in the 1896 election
Central Pacific Railroad Started in Sacramento, CA and built East across the Sierra Nevada Mountains
Boomtown The comstock Lode helped Virginia City, Nevada became this___
Union Pacific Railroad Omaha, Nebraska-built west across the Great Plains
George Custer Battle of Little Bighorn; he and all his men were killed
Thomas Edison Invented the light bulb
Alexander Graham Bell Invented the telephone
Ida Wells led anti-lynching campaign in her newspaper
Samual Gompers AFL-served as president for 37 years
Eugene V. Debs Pullman Strike - led American Railway Union and was jailed
Created by: Freshmensphs