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UShist EXAM REVIEW 1, Part 1

Vigilante rapid growth of cow town had no local government
Black Hills Gold; miners flooded into Sioux Land
Dawes Act Forced Native Americans to assimilate white culture-divided tribal lands into plots-reservations turned into farm land
Populist supported free silver to increase money supply
Free Silver Increase money supply and help increase crop prices
Sioux Ghost Dance 1890 US troops killed 300 Sioux men, women and children
Railroads and Standard time: Standard time helped people who scheduled long distance trains
Mining Boom Nevada, Colorado & South Dakota grew quickly and gained statehood
Cattle Industry Decreased because of settlers fencing land with barbed wire
Carnegie and Steel Carnegie dominated steel industry; controlled all processes in manufacturing steel
John D. Rockerfeller Oil industry; monopolized oil refining industry
Jim Crow Laws Separated blacks and whites in public places
WEB DuBois Founded NAACP - challenged discrimination in courts
Booker T Washington Tuskegee Institute to educate African Americans, Believed education was the way to gain rights
Haymarket Affair Because of this union membership dropped and opposition to unions increased
Monopolies eliminate competition
Railroad Strike of 1877 happened because of wage cuts
Pullman Strike happened because of wage cuts
Homestead Strike this locked out striking workers and hired Pinkertons to protect nonunion scabs
Pinkertons Protected non union scabs
Robber Baron 1800 business leader who used dishonest methods to get rich
Sherman Anti Trust Act Standard Oil broken up because of antitrust violations
Standard Oil Progressives though it was unfair for business to control industries by forming trusts
Federal Reserve Act created modern banking; government had more control over nation's money supply
Jane Addams and Hull House reformer opened settlement house in Chicago to help the poor
Settlement house Helped poor (Hull House)
17th Amendment Gave voters right to elect senators directly
1912 Election "Bull Moose Party" 3 candidates Wilson, Roosevelt and Taft
Bull Moose Party Theodore Roosevelt
The Jungle Upton Sinclair Exposed meatpacking industry
Direct Primary Democratic reform (1st seen in WI) allows voters to choose which candidates run for office
Anti-Imperialist League believed US government should not deny other people the right to self govern
Roosevelt Corollary Authorized US leaders to intervene in Latin American domestic affairs
John Hay Open Door Policy
Created by: Freshmensphs