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Chapter 12 Review

Review for U.S. History Chapter 12

How long would a typical "Lowell girl" stay at the mills? four years
What was the Transportation Revolution? a period of rapid growth in the speed and convenience of travel
Who was Sarah G. Bagley? she fought for a 10 hour work day
What was a trade union? organization of workers who tried to improve pay and working conditions for members
Describe working conditions at the mills? workers suffered from health problems such as chronic cough, due to unsafe conditions
What idea did John Deere first come up with that helped farmers? steel plow
How did inventions of the plow and the reaper help the farming industry? they allowed farmers to plant and harvest huge crop fields
What was the communication system that was developed by Alfred Lewis Vail? It featured different combinations of dots and dashes to represent letters. Morse Code
How did technological developments during the Industrial Revolution enable people to build factories almost anywhere? the shift to steam power allowed the factories to be built places other than near river and streams
Why did companies build their factories closer to cities and transportation centers? it provided easier access to workers
In the mid 1800s, where was most of America's industry located? Northeast United States
Why was the telegraph significant? it enabled people to send news quickly from coast to coast
What were two new forms of transportation invented during the Transportation Revolution? steam-powered train and the steamboat
What main benefit did the Transportation Revolution bring to trade? it enabled goods to travel quickly across the U.S.
Why was coal a more appealing fuel source compared to wood? it produced more energy
What was the Tom Thumb and why was it significant? it was a locomotive that was credited with bringing "railroad fever" to the U.S.
What challenges did engineers and mechanics face while building railroads? the railroads had to pass thru mountains and rivers
Why did trains make a powerful impression on passengers? the trains traveled faster than most people had ever gone
By 1860, Isaac Singer's company was the world's largest maker of what device? sewing machines
How would you define the Industrial Revolution? period of rapid growth during which machines became essential to industry
What was the Rhode Island system? hiring families of workers and dividing factory work into simple tasks
Why were more American textile mills build in the North than in the South? the North had more rivers and streams to provide power
What did textile manufacturers do to keep the costs of running a mill low? hired children
What was Eli Whitney's influence on American manufacturing? He came up with the idea of interchangeable parts
How did the war of 1812 help American manufacturing? Tariffs on foreign goods encouraged Americans to buy domestic goods
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