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Chap. 2-Whelchel

A country's_____________is the number of people who live there. population
What does population density measure? The average number of people per square mile.
What do you call the movement of people from one region to another? migration
The movement of people to cities is called____________. urbanization
A system for producing, distributing, consuming, and owning goods, services, and wealth is called_________. economy
___________are people who buy and use goods and services. Consumers
TRUE OR FALSE Developing nations have few industries and simple technology TRUE
A ______________is a body that makes and enforces laws and resolves conflicts among its people. government
A region that shares a government is a ____________. state
What is population distribution? The way the population is spread out over an area.
What factors affect population distribution? Climate, jobs, natural resources
The factors that affect population distribution today are different than when most people were farmers because: There are many job options and people aren't responsible for producing their own food.
How has the size of the world populations changed in recent years? It has grown very large because we have better medicines.
What difficulties have resulted from the change in the size of world populations? Cities cannot keep up with the growing populations. There aren't enough jobs, schools, or services.
What do you call the movement of people by their own choice? Voluntary migration
Why do people voluntarily migrate? The push/pull effect causes voluntary migration. Difficulties push people to leave and hope for a better life pulls them.
___________ is an economic system in which private individuals or groups of people own most businesses. Capitalism
How does capitalism differ from communism? With communism, the government owns all the businesses.
What are some challenges faced by developing countries? They do not have great wealth, people and animals do most farm work (no machines), disease, food shortages, unsafe water, poor education and healthcare, and politital unrest
Developing countries face many challenges because___________. they lack wealth. They don't have natural resources to sell.
What are two types of democracy? 1) Direct 2) Representative
Democracies differ from other forms of government because____________________. power is shared
*Be able to label the continents, has a map.
Created by: Mrs. Logan
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