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9th Grade SS

Concepts/Details of each religion - World Religions and Philosophies

(Hinduism) Vedas Collection of teachings/writings reflecting Hindu beliefs and practices
(Hinduism) Caste System social class system of Hindu societies, you are born into one and can not move up or down until the next life
(Hinduism) Brahman The whole universe and the main god but it has 3 heads
(Hinduism) Brahma The creator of life
(Hinduism) Vishnu The preserver of life
(Hinduism) Shiva The destroyer of life
(Hinduism) Reincarnation The idea that you will be born again into a new life
(Hinduism) Karma The collection of your right actions or Darma determining your next life
(Hinduism) Darma Your duty to do good in life
(Hinduism) Moksha The end of the cycle of rebirth
(Judaism) Torah Collection of laws and teachings/writings reflecting Jewish beliefs and customs
(Judaism) Abraham Founder of Judaism
(Judaism) Yahweh Jewish term for God
(Judaism) Moses Led the Jews out of Egypt back to the promised land, received the 10 commandments
(Judaism) Ten Commandments Basic rules to living by according to god
(Judaism) Jerusalem Holy city if Judaism
(Confucianism) Confucius Philosopher and founder of Confucianism
(Confucianism) Filial Piety Respect for your elders
(Confucianism) 5 Relationships - definition Provide respect in your daily relationships and you will create social harmony
(Confucianism) 5 Relationships - List Father to Son; Ruler to Subject; Elder to Younger; Husband to Wife; Friend to Friend
(Confucianism) Ethical System vs. Belief System An ethical system provides a way of life whereas a belief system does the same but it is derived from a higher being
(Confucianism) Han Dynasty The Chines Dynasty in which Confucianism was practiced
(Daoism/Taoism) "Dao" or "Tao" means the way
(Daoism/Taoism) Laozi Founder of Daosim
(Daoism/Taoism) Daode Jing Collection of laws and teachings/writings reflecting Daoist beliefs and customs
(Daoism/Taoism) Zhuangzi Chinese collection of anecdotes and fables, one of the foundations of Daoism
(Daoism/Taoism) Han Dynasty The Chinese Dynasty in which Daoism was practiced or tolerated
(Buddhism) Siddhartha Gautama Founder of Buddhism
(Buddhism) Buddha means enlightened one
(Buddhism) Enlightenment when one discovers the truth about life and ceases to be reborn
(Buddhism) 4 Noble Truths The Truths of Life
(Buddhism) Noble Truth #1 Life is suffering
(Buddhism) Noble Truth #2 suffering is caused by greed and desire
(Buddhism) Noble Truth #3 suffering ends when you remove desires
(Buddhism) Noble Truth #4 Follow the 8 fold path to end suffering
(Buddhism) 8 Fold Path steps to end suffering or achieve Nirvana: called rights (right mind, truth, speech, etc.) they are a guide for how to live your life
(Buddhism) Nirvana the highest state of existence for Buddhists when you have ended suffering or realized the truth of life, some say a state of peace and happiness, some say a heaven of sorts
(Christianity) Jesus Some say the savior of the Jews or the Messiah whose followers started a new religion based on his teachings
(Christianity) Old Testament vs. New Testament Old Testament is the Jewish history in the Bible and the New Testament is the Christian history in the Bible
(Christianity) Jerusalem a sacred city to Christians: Jesus was executed there
(Christianity) 10 Commandments received by Moses of Judaism but followed by the Christians as well
(Christianity) Emperor Constantine Roman emperor who was tolerant of Christianity and who became Christian on his deathbed which paved the way for Christianity in Rome
(Islam) Muhammad the Prophet Founder of Islam
(Islam) Allah Islamic word for God
(Islam) Muslims Followers of Islam
(Islam) Qur'an or Koran Holy book of Islam
(Islam) Sunnis vs. Shi'ite Muslims Sunnis believe their leader should be someone who simply follows Muhammad's example while Shi'ites believe their leader should be a blood relative of Muhammad
(Islam) Mecca and Medina Two holy cities of Islam
(Islam) 5 Pillars of Islam the Foundation of the Islamic Faith that all Muslims must follow
(Islam) 1st Pillar of Islam Declare that Allah is the one and only true God
(Islam) 2nd Pillar of Islam Pray 5 times a day facing Mecca
(Islam) 3rd Pillar of Islam Give 1-2% of your net worth to the poor each year
(Islam) 4th Pillar of Islam Make a pilgrimage to Mecca once in your lifetime
(Islam) 5th Pillar of Islam fast during the month of Ramadan
(Islam) Jerusalem/Dome of the Rock a sacred site to Muslims where Muhammad ascended to heaven
(Sikhism) Sikh a follower of Sikhism
(Sikhism) Guru means leader
(Sikhism) Guru Granth Sahib religious text of Sikhism - it is a collection of teachings from the first 10 Gurus
(Sikhism) Guru Nanak Founder of Sikhism
(Sikhism) Khalsa Order The highest or most pure Sikhs, something all should work toward
(Sikhism) Golden Temple the holiest place to worship among the Sikhs in Punjab, India
Created by: pieronek
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