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Citizenship and the Constitution

What is so unique about our Constitution? It’s the oldest written constitution still in use.
What phrase in the Preamble refers to creating fair laws to keep the peace? “establish justice, insure domestic tranquility”
What position holds the following requirements: six-year terms, at least 30 years old, live in the state where elected, and have been a U.S. citizen nine years or more. Senator
Describe a republic. Citizens elect representatives to make decisions of their behalf.
Which house has two members for each state and both represent the state as a whole? Senate
Which house has 435 members, the number for each state is determine by population, and each member represents a particular district within his or her state? House of Representatives
What two houses does the Constitution divide Congress into? House of Representatives and Senate
What is the name of the document that creates our nation’s government? U.S. Constitution
Which part of the Constitution allows Congress to stretch its delegated powers to deal with new or unexpected issues? The Elastic Clause
What phrase in the Preamble refers to making sure we keep our freedom now and for the future? “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity”
What do you call a person or group of people who make the rules or laws for everyone else in a nation? representative
What position holds the following requirements: two-year terms, at least 25 years old, live in the state where elected, and have been a U.S. citizen for seven years or more? House of Representatives
What is the name of the system that divides powers between the states and federal government? federal system
What phrase in the Preamble refers to creating a military to protect the citizens? “provide for the common defense”
Joe Biden is our current U.S. Vice President. Not only does he perform the duties of Vice President, but he holds another title as well. What is it? President of the Senate
Brazil is led by a president who is elected by the citizens. Citizens in Brazil elect a new president every four years. Citizens also elect representatives to serve in two different legislative bodies. What type of government does Brazil have? representative democracy
What phrase in the Constitution refers to creating a more united country? “In order to form a more perfect union”
What phrase in the Preamble refers to the Constitution being created for the people, by the people? “We the people of the United States”
What are powers kept by the states, including creating local governments and holding elections? Reserved Powers
What are powers shared by the federal and state governments, including taxing and enforcing laws? Concurrent Powers
What are powers assigned to the national government, including coining money and regulating trade? Delegated Powers
Which branch can check on the executive branch by rejecting appointments, rejecting treaties, impeaching the president, and overriding a veto? Legislative Branch
Which branch can check on the Legislative branch by adjourning Congress in certain situations and vetoing bills? Executive Branch
Which branch can check on the judicial branch by appointing judges? Executive Branch
Which branch can check on the executive branch by declaring executive actions unconstitutional? Judicial Branch
Which branch can check on the legislative branch by declaring laws unconstitutional? Judicial Branch
Which branch has the power to propose and administer laws, command armed forces, appoint officials, conduct foreign policy, and make treaties? Executive Branch
Which branch can check on the judicial branch by proposing constitutional amendments to overrule judicial decisions and impeach Supreme Court justices? Legislative Branch
Which branch has the power to interpret the Constitution and other laws, and review lower court decisions? Judicial Branch
Which branch has the power to write laws, confirm presidential appointments, approve treaties, grant money, and declare war? Legislative Branch
Which article says the Constitution could not take effect until nine of the thirteen states approved it? VII
Which article states that laws and treaties of the U.S. government are the “Supreme Law of the Land”? VI
Which article describes how the states should interact with each other? IV
Which article describes what must be done to amend, or change, the Constitution? V
Which article creates the judicial branch? III
Which article creates the executive branch? II
Which article creates the legislative branch? I
Professor Colombo was arrested for stealing government secrets and selling them to the Russians. Would this be a civil or criminal trial? Criminal
How often is a presidential election held? every 4 years
What is a way that you can get involved in a political campaign? give money to a candidate through a political action committee and work with an interest group
A teenager goes duck hunting with his father in October. What amendment protects this right? second
What types of cases does the Supreme Court usually hear? constitutional and public-interest cases
The Constitution does not give the power to make up driving laws to the national government. That means that each state can determine when a person is old enough to drive. What amendment is this referring to? tenth
In what instance can a federal court strike down a state or federal law? The court finds the law unconstitutional.
How are electoral votes in each state determined? number of representatives and senators
What branch of government is responsible for enforcing the nation’s laws, has the President as the head, and also includes the Vice President and the President’s cabinet? Executive Branch
In 1982, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the State of New York for kicking national guard members out of their barracks and making them live in their homes during times of duty. What amendment does this violate? third
The death penalty is only legal in certain states and can only be used in cases of homicide (murder). What amendment does this refer to? eighth
What public official is appointed by the president and serves for life? Supreme Court justice
Cayden and Jacob are neighbors. Cayden claims that Jacob built his fence on Cayden’s land. Cayden asked Jacob to move his fence three feet over, but Jacob refused. Cayden is now suing Jacob to have the fence moved. What type of case would this be? civil
What are duties citizens are expected to fulfill? participate in elections; pay taxes; defend the nation in a draft
What group has nine justices, led by a chief justice? Supreme Court
What public official can veto laws that Congress has passed, issue executive orders, grant pardons, command the armed forces, and create treaties? president
What does Article III of the Constitution outline? courts’ duties
Why would young men need to sign up with the Selective Service when they turn 18? in the event of a military draft
Which of the following cases would the Supreme Court hear? Dylan believes his freedom of religion was violated.
Which of the following things need to take place for you to become a citizen? be over 18; have an understanding of English and US history; support the Constitution
What part of the executive branch does most of the work for the branch? executive departments
What are the requirements for becoming a U.S. citizen? demonstrate knowledge of the English language; support the U.S. Constitution; take an oath of allegiance to the U.S.
How many districts are federal district courts divided into? 94
What branch of government determines whether or now laws are constitutional, and have three levels of federal courts? Judicial
A group of people assemble peacefully on the National Mall in Washington D.C. to demand withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. What amendment is this referring to? first
Before entering a suspect’s home, a police officer shows a search warrant. What amendment is this referring to? fourth
When being interrogated by police, a person refuses to answer certain questions and chooses to remain silent. What amendment is this referring to? fifth
Which of the following actions are expected of American citizens? obey laws, serve on a jury, participate in elections
In what instance would you be considered a citizen of the U.S.? Have at least one parent born in the U.S.; Become a resident for five years before applying for citizenship; Be born in the U.S.
How is a federal judge chosen and what is their term? appointed by the president for life
If you don’t like the verdict you receive in a federal district court, where can you take your case for a second opinion? a federal court of appeals
A person accused of murder is allowed to have an attorney defend him. What amendment is this referring to? sixth
What public official has a four-year term, must be at least 35 years old, must be born in the U.S. and have lived in the U.S. for at least 14 years prior to running for office? president
The fifth amendment guarantees that the government cannot punish anyone without what? due process of law
A government worker shows up at your house and tells you that they are going to have to take your land and compensate you for it because your house is on top of a Civil War battle ground. What is the name of this government power? eminent domain
A passenger sustains a neck injury in a car accident. When suing the person who hit her, her trial is heard by a jury, not a judge. What amendment is this referring to? seventh
Mary Grace was born in Switzerland. Her father is Swiss and her mother is American. Is Mary Grace an American citizen? yes
Cam has gone through the entire process of naturalization, and is 18 years old. Can Cam become a U.S. citizen? yes, as long as he has been here for 5 years
Jillian is going through the process of naturalization, but has only lived here two years. no, she must live in the U.S. for a minimum of 5 years to complete the naturalization process
Bob was born in the United States. Is Bob a U.S. citizen? yes
Zack was born in Canada and is 16 years old but has moved to the United States. Can Zack become a U.S. citizen yet? no, he has to be at least 18 to complete the naturalization process
Tyler moved to the United States from France but has not gone through the process of naturalization. Has Tyler met all of the qualifications to become a U.S. citizen? no
Created by: Mr. Romaire
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