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RW History (2)

Revolutionary War History Study Stack

Who published “Common Sense” in Philadelphia and sold over 150,000 copies? Thomas Paine
Who evacuated Boston 1776? The British
Who decided to secretly aid Britain’s “rebellious colonies”? France and Spain
Who voted for Independence? 2nd Continental Congress
Who approved the Declaration of Independence? 2nd Continental Congress
What happened when Ben Franklin, John Adams and Edmund Rutledge met with Adm. Lord Richard Howe? Staten Island Peace Conference
What did the people say in the Staten Island Peace Conference? The Declaration of Independence should be revoked
Who occupied and hold New York throughout the remainder of the war? The British
Who is is hanged for spying? School teacher Nathan Hale
What does he say? “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.”
Who joined forces with Lt. Gen. Charles Cornwallis to begin a major offensive in the South? Maj. Gen. Henry Clinton
Who captured Charleston, SC during Moore's Creek Bridge? The British
Who marched on a force of NC militia (1000) near Moore’s Creek Bridge? British Loyalists(1600)
Who abandoned their camp and fled across the bridge and sabotaged the bridge during Moore's Creek Bridge? The Patriots
How many Tories were killed and captured? Killed - 30 Captured - 850
Who suffered only 2 casualties (one later died from his wounds)? Americans
Who voted in favor of independence in April? North Carolina
Who were forced out of Boston and retreated to Canada during Long Island? The British
Who moved south from Boston and split his forces between Manhattan and Long Island? Washington
What was the goal of the British command? Gain a surrender of the Continental Army
What happened to the Americans during Long Island? The Americans were defeated, but escaped
Who did not pursue the American forces? General William Howe
What did Congress do when fearing a British attack on Philadelphia? Congress fled for Baltimore
What was given to General Washington during the Battle of Trenton? Total dictatorial powers
Who chased General Washington across the Delaware River into Pennsylvania and sent the bulk of his troops back to New York for the winter? General William Howe
A large portion of the Continental Army’s enlistments were to expire on what date? December 31
Who needed a victory to boost morale? General Washington
Who guarded the town of Trenton and were sure to be celebrating Christmas? Hessian mercenaries
Who crossed the Delaware on the night of December 25, marched 9 miles to Trenton, and defeated the Hessians? General Washington and 2,400 men
Who was mortally wounded in the Battle of Trenton? Hessian Colonel Johann Rall
Who won the Battle of Trenton? The Patriots
Who reconvened in Philadelphia in 1777? Congress
What did Congress say would resolve that the new flag would be? “thirteen stripes, alternate red and white… thirteen stars white in a blue field.”
Who arrived to assist George Washington in 1777? 20 year-old Marquis de Lafayette (France)
Who was commissioned colonel of engineers? Thaddeus Kosciusko (Poland)
Who was formally adopted in Congress. The Articles of Confederation
Who made winter camp at Valley Forge, PA? The Continental Army
Who recognizes America’s independence? France
Who was not happy with the news from Trenton, NJ? General Howe
Who dispatched a large force under Gen. Charles Cornwallis to Trenton? Howe
Whose troops made contact with Gen. Washington’s men on January 2? Cornwallis’
What did Cornwallis actually end up doing (and who was the "fox")? Cornwallis decided to “bag the fox” in the morning. (Washington is the fox)
Who moved out all but 400 of his troops under the cover of darkness during the battle of Princeton? General Washington
What did Washington do to create the illusion of an occupied camp? Men were left behind to create the illusion of an occupied camp
Who slipped in behind Cornwallis and attacked? General Washington and his men
Who retreated to protect New Brunswick, NJ? Cornwallis
Who was killed in the battle of Princeton? Gen. Hugh Mercer
Who established winter quarters in Morristown, NJ? Washington
What was John Burgoyne’s Plan for a British Victory? Three armies converge on Albany to control the Hudson River and cut off New England from the rest of the colonies
Who was defeated in the Northern Campaign? Col. Barry St. Leger (from western NY)
Who was sent to capture Philadelphia in the Northern Campaign? William Howe (from NYC)
Who remained in the Northern Campaign? John Burgoyne (from the north)
What happened at the Battle at Saratoga? After defeats at Freeman’s Farm and Bemis Heights, 5,700 British soldiers surrendered their arms to Gen. Horatio Gates The captured British army was to be marched to Boston, shipped back to England and pledged not to serve again in the war in America
What happened in the results of the American Victory? The victory convinced France that the Americans could win the war. The victory ended the British threat in New England. The victory boosted American morale
Who won at the Battle of Brandywine? The British
Who fled to Lancaster, PA; then to York, PA? Congress
Who won at the Paoli Massacre? The British
Who won in the Battle of Germantown? The British
Whose men lost all three encounters with General Howe’s troops? General Washington’s men
Who was forced to spend the winter at Valley Forge, PA? The Continental Army
Created by: kkmcleod
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