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3rd Six Weeks PRT

Texas Independence from Mexico and the presidencies of Sam Houston and Mirabeau Lamar characterize what eras? Revolution and Republic of Texas Eras
In what order did these events occur? (Sante Fe Expedition, Cordova Rebellion, Mier Expedition, Battle of Salado Creek) Cordova Rebellion, Sante Fe Rebellion, Battle of Salado Creek, Mier Expedition
Why did some Texans oppose moving the capital to Austin? Austin was too close to Mexico and was susceptible to Mexican and Native American attacks
Which president greatly opposed annexation of Texas into the U.S.? Mirabeau Lamar
What problems arose when Sam Houston was trying to make peace with Mexico? The Mexican army invaded Texas twice and even achieved seizing San Antonio.
What caused the unrest in East Texas during Sam Houston's second term? Feuds between the Regulators and Moderators
Lamar urged the Texas Congress to reject the peace treaty with the Cherokee because? Lamar believed Houston had no right to negotiate the treaty with the Cherokee.
Who was Mary Maverick? She wrote a first hand account of the Council House fight.
Who did Sam Houston want to remain the peace with? Native Americans and foreign nations
Which president is the Father of Texas Education? Mirabeau Lamar
What was the greatest difference between Houston and Lamar? Native American Policies
Who led the Texas Rangers? Jack Coffee Hays
Who was the first president of Texas? Sam Houston
Houston's land policy made it difficult for speculators to make a profit because? Land was easy to acquire
What was the motive behind the Cordova Rebellion? Cordova opposed Texas Independence
Which Indian Chief signed a peace treaty with Sam Houston? Chief Bowles
Who helped Sam Houston negotiate a treaty with the Cherokee from getting involved in the Texas Revolution? William Goyens
Who was a surgeon, key lawmaker for medical practices and served as president of the Republic of Texas in 1844? Anson Jones
Who was the commander of the Texas Navy? Edwin W. Moore
Who was the only Hispanic Delegate at the convention of 1845? Jose Antonio Navarro
What group protected Texas against Native American attacks and Mexican invasion? Texas Rangers
What are two comparisons of the Texas, Mexican, and United States government? They all have 3 branches of government and suffrage
What policies did Anson Jones support? He supported all of Houston's policies including the Annexation policy
What impact would Texas Annexation have on the United States? Stronger economy, stronger military, and another step towards manifest destiny.
Created by: RyanCrews
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