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UShist Ch 10 Review

UShist Ch 10 Test Review, Part 2

Montgomery, Alabama Location of the bus boycott in 1954
Little Rock, Arkansas Location of "Little Rock 9"
Birmingham, Alabama Peaceful demonstrations were met with fire hoses and attack dogs; 4 girls died in church bombin
Washington, D.C. "I Have a Dream Speech" was delivered here
Dallas, Texas JFK was assassinated here
Mississippi State where "Freedom Summer" voter registration drive of 1964 took place
Selma, Alabama Marchers were beaten after crossing bridge on their way to the state capital
Memphis, Tennessee MLK, Jr. was assassinated here
Los Angeles, California Six days of riots in the Watts District (left 36 dead and 4,000 arrested)
Wounded Knee, South Dakota In 1973 Native Americans staged armed occupation lasting 71 days
Voting Rights This banned literacy tests and other laws that kept blacks from voting
Civil Rights This guarantees citizens "equal protection of the law"
Fourteenth Amendment This banned segregation in public facilities
Plessey v. Ferguson This law states that separate but equal is okay
Brown v. Board of Topeka Kansas This law stated that "in the field of education separate is inherently unequal" (not okay)
Roe vs. Wade This gave women the legal right to have an abortion
Created by: Freshmensphs