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Chapter 14

Fill in the blank. After the breakup of Charlemagne's empire, French counts and dukes ruled their lands independently under the ______________. Feudal System
What was the name of the dynasty started by Hugh Capet? Capetian Dynasty
Who did Phillip II, also known as Phillip Augustus, win against to gain the English throne? Prince John
Which king established royal officials called baliffs? Phillip II
Fill in the blanks. In France, Church leaders were known as the __________, and the great lords as the ___________. The commoners, wealthy landowners, and merchants that Philip invited to participate in the council became known as the ___________. First Estate; Second Estate; Third Estate
The growth of towns and villages and the breakup of the feudal system were leading to what kind of government? A more centralized government
True or false: The Bubonic Plague is also known as the Death of Bubonia. False: It is also known as the Black Death
True or false: The Bubonic Plague caused the deaths of one-fourth of the population. False: It killed one-third of the population.
Who was the Anglo-Saxon king who ruled from 871 to 899? Alfred the Great
Fill in the blank. In 1016, _______________, a descendant of Alfred the Great, took the throne. Edward the Confessor
What were groups of people apart of the same business or profession called? Guilds
What was one effect of the three-field system? Food production increased, leading to massive European population growth
What were the three stages of being a member in a craft guild? Apprentice, Journeymen, Master
What was the role of a guild master? Owned his own shop, worked with other masters to protect their trade, etc.
What did a journeyman have to do to be accepted into a guild? Produce a masterpiece
What were apprentices not allowed to do during training? How long was their training? Get married; 2-7 years
Fill in the blank. Increased availability of trade goods and new ways of doing business changed life in Europe. Taken together, the expansion of trade and business is called the _________. Commercial Revolution
True or false: Trade routes opened in Asia, in part by the Crusades. True
At the center of the growth of learning stood a new European institution the ________. The word originally referred to a group of scholars meeting wherever they could. University
Define vernacular in your own words. The everyday language of your homeland
True or false: Thomas Aquinas argued that the most basic religious truths could be proved by religious argument. False; logical argument
True or false: Aquinas and his fellow scholars who met at the great universities were known as schoolmen, or school-goers. False; scholastics
True or false: When King Philip IV of France asserted his authority over French bishops, Phillip created an official document. It stated that he had appointed a new pope. False; Boniface responded with a document stating that kings will obey popes
True or false: John Wycliffe preached that Jesus Christ, not the pope, was the true head of the Church. True
What was the division of the church called? The Great Schism
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