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Chapter 14

The formation of western europe

Who was the Duke of Normandy that defeated the Anglo-Saxons to conquer England William, duke of Normandy also known as William the Conqueror
What was the common language of a place or region Vernacular
What did characteristics Gothic Architecture looked like? It had a ribbed vault, flying buttresses, stained glass windows had very little light
In 1016 which king conquered England and made the Anglo-Saxons and the vikings into one people The Danish king Canute
In 1042 what happened when Edward the Confessor died and he had no surviving heirs when he died in 1066 One last invasions happened and William the conqueror conqueror the land and claimed the English crown
How was the Great schism finally solved The holy roman emporor helped the council forced all three popes to resignand chosen a new pope Martin V, but weakened the papacy
What happened to John Hus a professor that was inspired by John Wycliffe saying Jesus is more important than the pope He was excommunicated in 1412, in 1414 he was seized by church leaders tried as a heretic and was burned at a stake in 1415
What was the cause of the Hundred year war When the last capetian king died without a successor and war launched to have a chance on the throne
What was the results of the hundred year war French rallied and drove England out of France except Calais. England brought a new style of warfare ending chivalry. The french moarch increased
What were the results of the bubonic plague Town populations fell, trade declined prices of good rose, serfs left manor for better wages, jews were falsely blamed for bringing the plague, church suffered loss of prestige when prayers didn't stop the bubonic plague
The two effects/results after the cruasades Fall of Constantinople weakened Byzantine empire, thousand of knights and people lost their lives
Who made the Capetian dynasty and how long did it lasted Hugh Capet a duke of the middle of France dynasty lasted from 987 to 1328
What did the English kings try to acheive two goals? They wanted to hold and add their french lands and they also wanted to strengthen their own power over nobles and the church
What was the Magna Carta and what was it importance It was a great charter and the document was drawn by english nobles guaranteed certain basic political rights. Now considers certain basic rights to the U.S. and England
What were the advances in architecture in medieval society A warmer climate in Europe, a switch from oxen to horsepower, the development of an iron plow, new three field system
What were the results of the three field system Food production increased, villagers had more to eat, people could resist disease and live longer also increased town population
What is a guild in European economy An organization of individuals in the same business or occupation working to improve the economic and social conditions of its memebers
What rights did the Magna Carta intend to defend English nobility
` What was the central issue that was the cause of the hundred year war The throne of France
What was the chief goal of the crusades Recover holy city Jerusalem and holy land, Palestine from Muslim Turks
Who created the royal court of justice and jury system in England Henry II
The legislative body of medieval England Parliament
What was one negative effect of the crusades that has continued today Hostility between the muslims and the christains
Who was an englishman who preached that jesus not the pope was the true head of he church John Wycliffe
What did the hundred year war brought an end to Chivalry
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