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Stomach Meridian

Stomach Meridian Test Semester 1

PointPoint facts
Stomach 1 Entry point, Combine with LI20 for entry/exit block
Stomach 2 Sinus problems, reflex point for sinuses and treatment point
Stomach 5 Used The Exterior Wei treatment
Stomach 6 TMJ and facial pain, etc
Stomach 8 Eliminating wind and phlegm from the head (headache, migraine, obsessions, etc)
Stomach 9 Window of the Sky, reflex for Thyroid, Sea of Qi point, useful for regulating blood pressure
Stomach 12 "Broken Bowl" used for those who can't hold on to anything or fill up and thrive; descending in nature and contraindicted in pregnancy
Stomach 13 treasts Visceroptosis(Prolapses) pulls thing upward, lifting action on the Qi
Stomach 21 More for excess conditions- such as stomach heat and liver attacking stomach, also reflex point for gastric and duodenal ulcers
Stomach 23 and 24 used for treating spirit and calming the mind due to action on resolving Phlegm
Stomach 25 Front Mu of the LI, good damp heat, cold, stagnation (diarrhea and constipation) slightly better for diarrhea
Stomach 26-27 on Left side was a Reflex point for the liver known as Oketsu meaning "blood stasis or dirty blood". On the right side, reflex point for GALT (gut associated lymphatic tissue)
Stomach 28 Reflex point for Ovaries, Water stagnation Reflex, treated both urinary and gynecological disorders
Stomach 30 Point of Sea of Water and Grain with Stomach 36, nourishes essence, influenced in the blood, point on Chong Mai, treated running piglet Qi
Stomach 32 Internal Dragon point with Stomach 25, Stomach 41, Ren 15A
Stomach 34 Xi Cleft point, treated acute conditions affecting the stomach such as food poisoning, migraines, stomach pain, etc
Stomach 36 He Sea, Earth point, Command point for the Abdomen, Sea of Water and Grain with Stomach 30, tonifies Qi and Blood, tonifis Stomach Qi and Yin, treats rebellious Qi, resolves damp, strengthens the body, regulates digestion.
Stomach 36 "does everything" targets: heart rhythm and stomach organ
Stomach 37 Lower He Sea point for the LI; clears damp heat in LI such as diarrhea and dysentary; point of the Sea of Blood with Stomach 39 and Bladder 11
Stomach 38 Empirical point for shoulder disorders
Stomach 39 Lower He Se point for Small Intestine; moves SI Qi, dispels cold in SI, clears heat and Dampness from SI, point for the Sea of Blood with Stomach 37 and Bladder 11
Stomach 40 Luo point, useful for Phlegm and Dampness anywhere in the body (mind, didgestive system, heart, lungs, etc); target: stomach, heart, mind
Stomach 41 Jing River point, Fire point, Tonification; mainly treats the upper portions of the channel such as the face, can be used for wrist pain or shoulder pain in the mirroring princinple
Stomach 42 Source point, Good for those who fail to thrive despite eating or for those with lack of appetite; exit point of the stomach channel
Stomach 44 Ying Spring point, Water point, clear heat and inflammation from the channel and organ (sinusitis, toothaches, frontal headaches, targets the face and mouth
Stomach 45 Jing Well, Metal point, treats hangovers, mental congestion, clears heat and restores consciousness
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