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Chapter 7

history HW

Medes and Persians? related peoples who migrated from central asia to persia
Cyrus(not miley)(launched) (founded)( timeline)? Launched persian emperial venture Founded achaemenid empire Became king of Persian tribes in 558 B.C.E. All of Iran under his control by 548 B.C.E. In 546 he conquered Lydia (in anatolia) 539 He seized Babylonia Died in 530
cambyses? son of cyrus and captured egypt...
Darius? The greatest Achaemenid emperor
persepolis? capital of dariuses empire
Achaemenid administration Emperors appointed satraps to oversee satrapies - 23
Persian economic policy (Who? Taxes? Money?) Darius replaced gifts with formal quantities of silver, horse, and slaves Issued standardized coins
Persian legal codes Legal scholars studied local codes and tweaked them to meet imperial standards
Persian roads (Notablelength? Techniques length?) royal road 1600 miles
Persian couriers (Stationed? Speed) Stations every 25ish miles along the royal road 2 weeks
Xerxes (Successor? Relations?) succesor of darius
The Persian Wars (Whatwhen? Aid? Initiates? Darius?) 500 BC - rebellion of Ionian greeks Greek cities send forces to aid persian greeks Begins sparring
Darius tries to take over greece . at battle of marathon
Alexander of Macedon (When what effect? Portrayedretained? Fate?) Won the battle guagemala and ended the Achaemenid Empire.
The Seleucid empire (Founded? Retained? Innovated? Challenge why?) Founded by seleucus - general in Alexanders army
The Parthians (Modeoflife? Where? Organized? Innovations?) Organized into clans Fed horses alfalfa much stronger
Parthian Empire (Where? Began? Notable figures) Based in Iran, extended to mesopotamia
Parthian Government (Resembled? Differences? Consequences Mainly followed Achaemenid example
Fall of parthians (Internal external when?) Faced pressure from romans around 100, Internal rebelliion brings down around 300
The Sassanids (Replacedwhen? Adopted? Innovations? Conflictd? End?) toppled Parthians; ruled 224-651 C.E.
Early persian Social structure (Based? Classes? Important? Leader?) Steppe Warriors, priests and peasants. Family and clan relationships are extremely important. patriarchy
Imperial Bureaucrats (Arose? Replaced? Subclasses?) Imperial Administration calls for class of educated 'crats
Free classes (Proportion? City? Country? The majority of society. In the city: artisans, craftsmen, merchants, civil servants, priests. In the country: landowners or free laborers
Slaves (Sources? Restrictions? Worked?) prisoners of war, crimnals and debtors. Couldnt move or marry.
Quanat (What? Function? Located?) Underground canals - allowed water distribution and minimized evaporation. All over iranian plateau
Persian Agriculture and diet (Grains? Beverages? Amount? Grown?) Barley and wheat - Most common grains
Wine and beer Most common beverages
Trade in persia (Routes? Production? Began Land routes, red sea, arabian sea, persian gulf Production was often specialized in different regions Long distance trade starts Alexander the great
Early Persian Religion (Clorified? Used? Rituals Centered on cults that glorified nature, used ahoama, conducted sacrifices, glorified stregth
Zarathustra (Founder? Background? Believed?) Founder of zoroastrianism, an aristocratic priest who became disenchanted with traditional religion. Thought that Ahura Mazda had chosen him to be prophet
The gathas (Composer? Transmission? Form?) Zathuras compositions that were preserved orally. Hymns which honored various deities.
Zoroastrian Teachings (God/number? Conflict? Judgement?) Polytheists. Recognized Ahura Mazda as supreme. Believed that Ahura Mazda was engaged in conflict with Angra Mainyu (destructive spirit). Humans will be judged based on their thoughts, words, and deeds and go to heaven
Popularity of zorostrianism during achaemenid (Drew? Emperors Drew persian elites starting in 600 BCE. Rich people donated land for temples. Cyrus and Cambyses may have been Zoroastrians. Darius associated himself with Ahura Mazda
Sassanid Zoroastrianism (Why? Actions? Contributions Because they were so Achaemenidian, they thouroughly embraced Zoroastrianism. They often persecuted other competing religions
Zoroastrian decline (Who when? Actions? Fate?) Islamic conquerors - 700 CE. Placed financial and political pressure on temples.
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