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Chapter 7 Outline


When did the Medes and the Persians migrate to Persia? Before 1000 B.C.E
Where did the Medes and the Persians migrate from? Asia
What language did the Medes and the Persians speak? An Indo-Euopean language
What civilization did the Medes and the Persians share a cultural trait with? The Aryans
What empires did they challenge? Assyrians and Babylonians
How long did Cyrus the Achaemenid (the Shepherd) reign for? 558-530 B.C.E.
What happened in 558 B.C.E? Cyrus the Achaemenid became king of the Persian tribes
When did Cyrus the Achaemenid gain control? 548 B.C.E
Where did his vast empire extend to? From India to the borders of Egypt
Who is Cyrus's son? Cambyse
How long did Cambyse reign for? 530-522 B.C.E.
When did Cambyse conquer Egypt? 525 B.C.E
How long did Darius reign for? 521-486 B.C.E.
What was the capital during Darius' reign? Persepolis
Twenty-three satrapies were appointed by... The central government
Local officials were from... Local populations
Who enforced/checked Satraps' power? Military 'spies'
Xerxes reigned from... 486-465 B.C.E.
What did Xerxes do? Caused ill will and rebellions among the people in Mesopotamia and Egypt
How long did the Persian war last for? 500-479 B.C.E.
Why did the war last 150 years? Persian rulers failed to put down the rebellion
Who invaded Persia in 334 B.C.E.? Alexander of Macedon
When was the battle of Guatemala? 331 B.C.E (the end of Achaemenid empire)
Alexander burned down which city? Persepolis
Who inherited most of Achaemenid after Alexander died? Seleucus
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