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100 Headaches

Retr/o - Tart/o

retr/o- back of behind, backward, after; retrocervical- behind the neck
rhachi/o- jointed vertebrae, spine, spinal column; rhachitis- inflammation of the spinal column
rheumat/o- discharge or flow through; rheumatoid arthritis- disease marked by stiffness and inflammation, stuff doesn't flow through
rhin/o- nose; rhinoplasty- repair the nose through surgery
rhomb/o- parallelogram or diamond shape; rhomboid muscles- one of the two muscles beneath the large trapezius muscles
rhytid/o- wrinkles; rhytidoplasty- fixing wrinkles through surgery
richetts/ia rickets like symptoms in joints; the disease rickets its not hard to remember
roent/o- X-ray; roentgenic- meaning an X-ray
rotat/o- to turn or swing around; rotator- the muscle used to swing your arm
-rrhythm rhythm or contraction; arrythm- lack of contraction
rube/o- red; rubeosis- a condition characterized by abnormal redness
rug/a- folds; rugae- a wrinkle, fold, or ridge
sacchar/o- sugar; saccharide- a simple sugar
sacr/o- saucer or sacred bone; sacral- of or pertaining to the sacrum
sagitt/o- arrow or arrow like; midsagittal- median and sagittal
saliv/o- spit; salivation- process of making spit
salping/o- tube, duct, canal; salpingitis- inflammation of tube, duct, canal
sarc/o- fleshy; sarcoma- a malignant tumor arising from connective tissues
scab/o- to itch; scabies- a mite infestation that causes itching
scapulo- shoulder blade; scapulectomy- removal of the shoulder blade
schiz/o- split or splitting; schizophernia- a split mind
scler/o- hardening; atherosclerosis- hardening of the arteries
scoli/o- crooked or twisted; scoliosis- twisting of the spine
-scop/e to view or examine/instrument; microscope- to view and examine small things
-scopy to examine or view; laproscopy- to examine the abdomen wall
scot/o- darkness; scotoma- loss of vision in a part of the visual field; blind spot
scrot/o- sac or pouch; scrotal- the pouch referring to the scrotum
scurvy to scratch; a disease marked by swollen and bleeding gums- what that has to do with scratching is beyond me
seb/o- oil; sebaceous gland- glands that make your hair greasy and oily
secreto- separating or to separate; secretor- one who separates
sect/o- to cut; section- to cut into several pieces
semi- half; semi conscious- half aware
semin/o- seed or seed producer; seminal- refers to seed producer
senil/e- old; senility- state of being old
sept/a- partition or wall; septum- wall dividing the space between the nose and heart
sept/i- seventh
sept/o- poison, infection, decay, putrefy; septic- tissue that is poisonous
sial/o- saliva or spit; sialadenitis- inflammation of saliva or spit gland
sider/o- iron; siderocyte- specialized RBC's that contain iron in a form other than hematin
silic/o- silicon carbon particles; silicosis- arc welders disease
sin/o- cavity; sinus- referring to the cavity
sinistr/o- to the left or left; sinistrocardia- refers to the left side of the heart, better yet the villain in GL was named Sinistro and being on the left side of the law which is the wrong side
skelet/o- dried up or to attach; skeletal- skeleton
sole- the sole of the foot; soleus- refers to sole of the foot
-sol in solution or solution; aerosol- solution dispersed through the air
som/o- body; psychosomatic- referring to the mind and body effect, meaning its all in the head but you feel it in the body
somn/o- sleep; somnipathy- having a sleeping disorder
son/o- sound; sonogram- using sound to get a diagnosis
spad/i- to tear; episadism- a tear on the upper side of the penis shaft
-spasm involuntary contraction; myospasm- sudden involuntary muscle contraction
sperm/o- sperm; spermocide- able to kill sperm
spher/o- ball, globe, round; spherocyte- small, spherical red blood cell.
sphinct/o- that which binds together; sphincter- that which binds together, the thing that's between pathways
sphygm/o- pulse; sphygmomanometer- talking the pulse by measurement
sphyxi/o- pulse or lack of pulse; asphyxia- to be without a pulse
spin/o- thorn or thorny; spine
spir/o- breathe or breathing; spirogram- to record breathes
splanchn/o- organ; splanchnology- process of studying organs
splen/o- spleen; splenotomy- procedure that involves cutting into the spleen
spondyl/o- vertebra; spondylitis- inflammation of the vertebra
sprain to wring out or press out
squam/o- scaly; squamous- being scaly
-stalsis to contract; perstalsis-The wavelike muscular contractions of the alimentary canal
staped/o- stirrup (three bones middle ear)
staphyl/o- grape or grape-like clusters; straphylococcus- disease that looks like grapes under microscope
-stasis stoppage, standing, location; hemostasis- stopping blood flow
-stat to stop or immediately; hemostat- a clamp used to stop bleeding
-staxia dripping or trickling; epistaxia- a nosebleed, dripping blood
steat/o- fat; steatorrhea- flow of fat
sten/o- narrowing; stenosis- a condition of narrowing blood vessels
stereo- three dimensional or solid; stereocineflourography- to view things in slow motion
stern/o- chest sternum or breastbone; sternal- talking about the chest area
steth/o- chest; stethoscope- an instrument used to examine the chest area
-stole contract; systole- the heart muscle coming together and contracting
stomat/o- mouth; stomatitis- inflammation of the mouth
strabism/o- to squint or squinting; stabismus- a disorder that causes one eye to be misaligned with the other when focusing (or squinting)
sprain to draw tight
strat/i- layer; statiform- noting arrangement in thin layers, as in bone
strept/o- twisted or twisted chain; streptococcus- bacteria that are twisted in appearance
stri/a- stripes or threads; striation- any of the alternating light and dark crossbands that are visible in certain muscle fibers
strict/o- drawing or binding; stricture-an abnormal contraction of any passage or duct of the body
sty/e raised; stye- an abscess caused by bacterial infection of the glands on the edge of the eyelid
sub- beneath, under, less or lesser; sublingual- situated under the tongue, or on the underside of the tongue
sudorifer/o- sweat; sudoriferous- bearing or secreting sweat
sulf/o- sulfur; sulfonamide- a protein containing sulfur
super- above or upon; supercilia- referring to hairs over the eye aka the hairs above your eye
supinat/o- to throw backward; supination- To turn or rotate (the hand or forearm) so that the palm faces up or forward, so you see the back of it.
supra- above or upon; suprapelvic- above your pelvis
sur/a- on calf of leg; sural- of or relating to the calf of the leg
surg/i- working by hand; surgical- one who works by hand
suture sewing together; suturing- process of sewing together
sym- together; symphysis- the growing together
syn- together; syndrome- a group of symptoms that together are characteristic of a specific disorder
syncope to faint or fainting; syncope- having fainted or lost consciousness
sy/stol/o- to draw together or contract; systolic- ndicating the maximum arterial pressure occurring during contraction of the left ventricle of the heart
tachy- fast or swift; tachycardia- having a rapid heartbeat
tal/o- ankle; talus- referring to the ankle
tars/o- broad flat surface; metatarsal- any bone of the foot between the ankle and the toes (long and flat)
tart/o- dregs, sediment or particles; tartar- A hard yellowish deposit on the teeth, consisting of organic secretions and food particles deposited in various salts, such as calcium carbonate
tax/o- arrange, to order, to organize; taxonomy- the science dealing with the description, identification, naming, and classification of organisms
Created by: kccroy
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