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HI Pp. 150-154

Ch. 12 QUIZ

one reformer and Roman priest who exposed hypocrisy in the Roman church Jerome Savonarola
one of the few pieces of medieval lit that is still widely read; few poems have surpassed the beauty of this work Divine Comedy of Dante
recognized as one of England's five greatest poets, wrote The Canterbury Tales Geoffrey Chaucer
one of the first great works of lit in the English language The Canterbury Tales
subjects such as history, grammar, rhetoric, and poetry Humanities
A great enthusiasm for classical Greek and Latin lot springing up in Italy was known as ________ . Italian Renaissance
known as the "Father of Humanism", wrote "Letters to Ancient Authors" Petrarch
the first great writer of prose in a modern language; best known for "The Decameron" Boccaccio
the only book of lasting importance on politics; written in 1513 by Niccolò Machiavelli "The Prince"
people who use their own money to support the arts Patrons
famous for his painting "The Last Judgment" Giotto
one who displays his talents in all fields Renaissance man
a portrait of an unknown woman with a mysterious smile Mona Lisa
may have been the greatest artist of the Renaissance, perhaps of all time; considered to be the greatest Italian lyric poet of the 16th century Michelangelo
invented the movable-type printing press about 1440 Johann Gutenberg
In what year did Gutenberg produce his first printed edition of the Vulgate Bible? This translation is called what? Gutenberg Bible 1456
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