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Social Studies

Lessons 1-4

New Jersey in on the ______________ of North America. continent
If you describe New Jersey by its location in relation to other places that is called_____________________ relative location
New Jersey is divided into _______________ _____________, or those formed by nature. physical characteristics
The state's largest natural region is ______________________ Atlantic Coastal Plain
The huge sheets of ice that formed New Jersey's regions are called ___________________________ glaciers
The thick, heavy ice of glaciers caused ___________________ as they scraped across the land. erosion
The glaciers left behind thick layers of ___________ in some regions. till
Rich soil that is left behind by water is called ________________ silt
The kind of weather that a place has over a long period of time is called ___________________________ climate
Water that falls to the Earth's surface as rain, snow, sleet or hail is called ____________________________ precipitation
A resource that people are able to reuse or replace is called a ______________________ ___________________ renewable resource
The earliest people of North America were called ____________________ ____________________ Paleo-Indians
Native Americans lived and worked together and traveled in _________________________ bands
The Native Americans from long ago are the _______________________________ of today's Native Americans. ancestors
People who moved from place to place looking for food were called nomads
The earliest Native American from New Jersey were called the __________________ Lenape
The two types of houses that the Lenape made were _________________________ and ____________________ longhouses and wigwams
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