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Chapter 17


Tariff of 1842 Protective measure passed by Congressional Whigs, raising tariffs to pre-Compromise of 1833 rates reluctantly signed by President Tyler. This caused the pressure for higher customs duties slackened as the country gradually edged it way out of depression
Caroline An American streamer that carried supplies to the insurgents across the swift Niagra River attacked on the New York shore by a determined British force.
Creole An American ship captured in 1841 when British officials in the Bahamas offered asylum to 130 Virginian slaves who had rebelled
Aroostook War Small-scale lumberjack clash that threatened to widen into a full-dress shooting war
Manifest Destiny A belief in the 1840s and 1850s that countless citizens had a feeling a sense of mission, believed that Almighty God had "manifestly" destined the American people for a hemispheric career.
Fifty-Four forty or fight Expansionist Democrats came out flat-footedly in their plbatform for the "Re-annexation of Texas" and the "Re-occupation of Oregon", all the way to 50, 40. This slogan was not coined until 1846
Liberty Party Anti-slavery group that absorbed nearly 16,000 votes, many of which would otherwise have gone to the unlucky Kentuckian. Ironically, they would spoil Clay's chances and help to ensure the election of pro-Texas Polk, hastened the annexation of Texas
Walker Tariff Bill that reduced the average rates of the Tariff of 1842 from about 32 percent to 25 percent. Supported by low-tariff southerners. Proved to be an excellent revenue producer
Spot resolutions Introduced by Lincoln that requested information as to the precise "spot" on American soil where American blood has been shed
California Bear Flag Republic Short lived California Republic established by local American settlers who revolted against Mexico. Once news of the war with Mexico reached in the Americans, they abandoned the Republic in favor of joining the U.S.
Buena Vista Key American victory against Mexican forces in the Mexican-American war. Elevated General Zachary Taylor to national prominence and helped secure his success in the 1848 presidential election
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Signed by Trist in 1848 that confirmed the American title to Texas and yielded the enormous are stretching westward to Oregon and the ocean embracing coveted California
Conscience Whigs Anti -slavery Whigs in Congress "Mexican Whigs" were denouncing this "damnable war" with increasing hear. Secure control of the House in 1847, they were even threatening to vote down supplies for the armies in the field.
Wilmot Proviso Never became a federal law, but it was eventually endorsed by the legislatures of all but one of the free states, and it came to symbolize the burning issue of slavery in territories
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