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Natural Resources

Natural Resource Anything from Earth that people use to meet their needs.
Raw Material A resource that must be changed before it can be used.
Recyclable Resource A natural resource that cycles naturally through the environment.
Renewable Resource A resource that can be replaced or can grow back.
Nonrenewable Resource A resource that cannot be replaced when used up.
Fossil Fuel Nonrenewable and were create millions of years ago from prehistoric plants and animals.
Raw Material A resource in its natural state.
OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
Inexhaustible Resources Air, wind, and water. Resources that are normally available.
Soil The top layer of the Earth surface, a mixture of rocks and minerals.
Nuclear Energy Created from splitting uranium atoms and makes electricity.
Solar Energy Created from the sun. Also called "photo-voltaic"
Geothermal Energy Made from the Earth's internal heat. It produces steam to heat homes.
Primary Economic Activity Rely directly upon natural resources, such as farming and fishing.
Subsistence Farming Growing only enough to feed a family or village.
Commercial Farming Farmers raise crops and animals to be sold for profit.
Secondary Economic Activity Using raw materials to produce new products.
Tertiary Economic Activity Service Industries (example: doctor, sales associate)
Quaternary Economic Activity Focus on processing and sharing information.
Export Goods that are sent out of a country
Import goods that are brought into a country
Glaciers Giant, sheets of ice which are now melting at a rapid rate, most scientists say due to climate change
Sustainability To act in a way which can be maintained at a certain rate or level, avoiding the depletion of natural resources
Recycle Turning used items into new, reprocessed items
Devleoped The name for modern countries with advanced economies and relatively high human health and wellness
Developing These tend to have less wealth and less access to modern technology and have lower life expectancy and literacy
Third World Another name for poor, or "under developed" countries
Greenhouse Gases CO 2 is one of these pollutants and act like a glass window, allowing the sun's energy to pass through and trap it
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