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American Revolution

What is a Patriot? A colonist not loyal to the British crown who fought for the cause of liberty.
What is a Loyalist? A colonist who remained loyal to the British crown and believed in the cause of liberty.
What region of SC were the Patriots in? Lowcountry
What region of SC were the Loyalists in? Backcountry
Who wanted to live their lives without government interference? Loyalists
What was important about a woman's role in the American Revolution? They managed farms and businesses while men were away. They carried messages between militia and the Continental Army.
What did Britain promise Africans if they took up arms to fight with them? Freedom
What did Britain promise Natives if they took up arms to fight with them? Land
What tactic did the partisan leaders of SC use? Guerilla Warfare
Whose hanging led to the Battle of Eutaw Springs? Isaac Hayne
Who was the "Gamecock" that remained determined even when the outlook looked bleak? Thomas Sumter
Who was the "Wizard Owl" that played an important role in the Battle of Cowpens? Andrew Pickens
Who was the "Swamp Fox" that used extensive knowledge of local swamps to avoid capture? Francis Marion
What was the major turning point of the war because it led to America's alliance with France? Battle of Saratoga
Why did British change strategies and concentrate on fighting in the Southern Colonies in 1778? Britain had support of Loyalists in SC
How did the patriot/partisan militias help the Continental Army win the American Revolution? They attacked British supply lines, harassed their armies, and slowed British advances in SC.
What battle was the turning point of the war in SC? Battle of Kings Mountain
What saved the fort near Sullivan's Island for the Patriots? Palmetto logs and crashed British ships
How did the siege of Charleston cause many Loyalists to join the Patriots side? Britain mistreated many colonists that supported them by confiscating property
What was the partisan strategy at Cowpens? Divide, attack, retreat, regroup and attack again
Why was the battle of King's Mountain considered a civil war? It was a battle between SC Loyalists and SC Patriots
What battle were the militia not prepared and ran away during battle? Battle of Cowpens
What did the British do after the Battle of Eutaw Springs? Began leaving SC
What did all of the SC signers of the Declaration of Independence have in common? Politically elite
Whose ideas of equality, natural rights, and purpose of government influenced Thomas Jefferson when writing the Declaration of Independence? John Locke
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