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HI Pp. 143-149

Ch. 12 QUIZ

New towns that sprang up beside fortresses Burgs
Those living in these new communities Burghers
The class between the nobility and peasants Middle class
What brought together merchants from many lands? Trade fairs
An early trade unionism consisting of voluntary associations among merchants, artisans, and craftsmen Guilds
A confederation of northern German towns formed during the 13th century and eventually embracing some 85 cities Hanseatic League
A low-lying region located in western Belgium Flanders
A leading banking family who ruled Florence, Italy, and influenced European politics and economics from the 1300s until the 1700s Medici
A new architecture style characterized by the use of thick, massive walls and small windows with rounded arches Romanesque
Architecture that had tall walls with many pointed windows Gothic
The best example of Gothic architecture; French for "Our Lady" Notre Dame
A form of bubonic plague; 1\3 to 1\2 of Europe's population perished from this Black Death
Named after organizations of students and teachers of specialized subjects Universities
The first medieval university was in what city and founded in 1060 as the center for the study of medicine? Salerno, Italy
The university of what city was where John Wycliffe was an official and was founded in 1140 Oxford, England
The university in what city gained great prestige with programs in theology, law, medicine, and philosophy Paris
The oldest German university was in what city? Prague
The medieval curriculum was divided into what two parts? Trivium and quadrivium
Medieval curriculum consisting of grammar, rhetoric, and logic Trivium
Medieval curriculum composed of arithmetic, music, geometry, and astronomy Quadrivium
The medieval universities were often called what? Schools
An attempt to synthesize Greek philosophy with Romanism Scholasticism
The two greatest scholastics Thomas Aquinas and William of Ockham
Known as the "Dumb Ox" Thomas Aquinas
Philosophy that denied the totality of man's sinful nature and his dependence upon God for everything Thomism
The most outstanding scholar at Oxford University John Wycliffe
An English Franciscan Friar who emphasized observation and experimentation as the source of true knowledge about nature Roger Bacon
Who began the first translation of the Bible into English? John Wycliffe
The followers of Wycliffe Lollards
Who is known as the "Morning Star of the Reformation"? John Wycliffe
The followers of John Huss Hussites
Who printed the first non-Catholic hymnbook in modern history? Hussites
A Dutch contemporary of John Wycliffe who founded and organized the Brethren of the Common Life Gerhard Groote
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