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Vocabulary 9

French Vocabulary 9

quoique although, albeit
transport en commun transit, public transportation
habileté skill, address, mastery, cleverness
requise required, requisite
gras adj: bold, fat; noun: bolded, fat
souliers shoes
étroit narrow, restricted, pinched
rangée row
feuilletant flipping through, browsing, leafing, paging (present participle of feuilleter)
interpeller to call out, question, heckle, accost, buttonhole
suer to sweat
plancher noun: floor; verb: to slog away, work on
brassant stirring, brewing, swirling, mixing (present participle of brasser)
ébloui adj: star-struck; verb: dazzled, bedazzled (past participle of éblouir)
réussi adj: successful, passed; verb: succeeded (past participle of réussir)
rendant making, giving, rendering, returning, yielding (present participle of rendre)
déprimé adj: depressed, bummed
demande noun: request, demand, application, claim, enquiry; verb: ask, request, order, bid (1st pers present of demander)
envoya sent, issued, transmitted, dispatched (3rd pers. sing. simple past of envoyer)
acoustique adj: acoustic; noun: acoustics
roula screwed, conned, diddled, bilked, rolled over, drove along, rolled along (3rd pers. sing. simple past of rouler)
évitant adj: avoiding; verb: avoiding, averting, evading (present participle of eviter)
course de haies hurdle race
haie hedge, fence, hurdle
poids weight, poundage, importance, gravity
à bout de souffle breathless, out of breath, on its last leg
souffle noun: breath, breathing, blast, murmur, inspiration; verb: blow, prompt, huff (1st person present of souffler)
à bout de at the end of
facturé charge, bill, invoice
trébuchant stumbling, fumbling (present participle of trébucher)
supplia besought, entreated (3rd pers. sing. simple past of supplier)
désespérément desperately, hopelessly, frantically
aménagera will construct, will convert (3rd pers. sing. future of aménagerer)
patron boss, owner, employer, pattern, template
remplissaient were filling, were fulfilling, were replenishing, were tucking, were grouting (3rd pers. plural past continuous of remplir)
ralentir to slow, retard, decelerate, shorten, wind down
congédié fire, dismiss, axe (1st pers. present of congédier)
tête folle madcap
asséchés dry, drain (2cd pers. sing. present of assécher)
chantaient were singing (3rd pers. plural past continuous of chanter)
appartenance membership, belonging
raffiné refined, polished, tasteful
parsemaient were disseminating, were punctuating, were interspersing (3rd pers. plural past continuous of parsemer)
pièce de theatre drama, play
plainte complaint, claim, charge, accusation
compilant compiling (present participle of compiler)
plaindre to complain, pity, feel sorry for, have comassion for
le nettoyeur à sec dry cleaner
le nettoyeur the cleaner
nettoyer to clean, cleanse, tidy, sanitize
cligner to wink, blink
cligne blink, wink (1st pers. present of cligner)
ramassa collected, gathered, fielded, amassed (3rd pers. sing. simple past of ramasser)
selon according to, by, as per,depending on
aperçut noticed, discerned, espied, glimpsed (3rd pers. sing. simple past of aperçevoir)
nuire to harm
gâcher to spoil, mar, bungle misspend, blight, squander
poumons lungs
embêté bothered, worried (adj)
balade ride, walk, stroll (noun)
restant adj: remnant, leftover; verb: remaining, staying (present participle of rester)
frisson thrill, chill, shiver, tingle, shudder
débarrasser to rid, flush, disembarrass
éprouve experience, test ( 1st person present of éprouver)
outre adv: bedides, on the other side if; verb: outrage, carry to excess (1st pers. present of outrer)
brisée adj: broken; noun: blink
vitre noun: window pane, pane; verb: glaze (1st pers. present of vitrer)
bout noun: end, point, tip, dummit; verb: boils (3rd pers. present of bouillir)
au bout at the end, in the rear
crainte fear, dread, fright
livres de comptabilité account books
corriger to correct, rectify, repair, compensate, repair, patch
verrez will see, will behold (2cd person formal future of voir)
dévisageant staring (present participle of dévisager)
silencieux silent, soundless, noiseless
cillement flickering, blinking (noun)
contrariée upset, annoyed
fàché adj: angry, upset
grand-chose much
échardes du bois splinters of wood, shards of wood
échardes splinters, shards
pensifs thoughtful, reflective, pensive
rayer to srike through, cross out, remove
rayer des chiffres scratch numbers
chiffres noun: figures, statistics; verb: figure, calculate, assess
songea bethought, thought, meditated
le soleil s'était couché the sun had set
apprêtait was dressing, was finishing, was priming, was unlimbering (3rd pers. sing. past contnuous of apprêter)
debout standing, upright, straight ahead, erect
criant adj: blatant, glaring; verb: yelling, clamoring, yelping, mewing (present participle of crier)
boulot job
congédier to dismiss, fire, stand off
se soucier to care
soucier to worry, concern
coûtais was costing (1st pers. past continuous of coûter)
coûtait was costing (3rd pers. past continuous of coûter)
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