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Vocabulary 8

French Vocabulary 8

pouffer to burst out
aînée elder
lueur ray, glimmer, glow, flare, glint, light
espoir hope, trust, hopefulness
rôti noun: roast, roast meat; adj: toasty; verb: toasted, roasted (past participle of rôtir)
chou cabbage, kale, cutie, sweetie
chou-fleur cauliflower
avis notice, opinion, advice, view, judgement, notification, wisdom
partir to go, to leave, to set out, to discharge, to ride off
à partir from
du tout at all
lèvres lips
arrachait was - wrenching, pulling, eradicating, wresting (3rd person sing. padt continuous of arracher)
flànèrent strolled, meandered, sauntered, mosied (3rd pers. plural past simple of flâner)
avéré adj: confirmed, acknowledged
de fil à retordre difficult, challenge, hard time
retordre to twist
réglé adj: turned, ruled; verb: sorted, settled (past participle of régler)
avaler to swallow, gulp, swill down
ingurgiter to swallow, guzzle, gulp down
durent réveiller must reawaken
durent owed, should must (3rd pers. past simple of devoir)
mec guy, man, dude, chap, bloke
reprendre to resume, repeat, resume, recapture
ennuie bore, annoy (1st pers. present of
rechignaient were balking, were grumbling (3rd pers plural past contuing of rechigner)
virent transfer, fire, endorse, bend, bear, veer (3rd person plural present of virer)
grimpèrent climbed, clambored, mountaineered (3rd pers. plural past simple of grimper)
hors norme extraordinary, exceptional, outside the norm
tout à fait absolutely, completely, exactly
pièges noun: pitfalls; verb: trap, entrap, booby trap ( 3rd person plural present of pléger) noun: pitfalls; verb: trap, entrap, booby trap ( 3rd person plural present of pléger)
soigneusement carefully, neatly, tidily
emballement thrashing, angry outburst, runaway
trésors treasures
bibelot trinket, junk, trinket, knick knack
compagnie aérienne airline company
compagnie company, firm, squad, companionship
empile stack, pile (1st pers. present of empiler)
rater to miss, fail, misfire, muff
pour toujours forever
enlaça hugged, enteined, enclasped, enlaced (3rd person sing. simple past of enlacer)
rendirent made, gave, returned, rendered, gave back, yielded (3rd pers plural past simple of rendre)
au tout début At the beginning
début beginning, start, onset, commencement
comportés à merveille behaved perfectly, behaved marvelously
merveille wonder
comportés behave, include, entail (2cd person sing. present of comporter)
serra tightened, squeezed, pinched, pressed, clamped (3rd pers. simple past of serrer)
quête noun: lookup, offertory;
précipité adj: hasty, rushed, headlong; noun: deposit; verb: rushed ( past participle of précipiter)
précipités en quête rushed in search
épuisé sold out, exhausted, drained, depleted, out of print, out of stock
atterrirent landed, alighted, touched down (3rd pers. plural simple past of atterrir)
vol de correspondance connecting flight
quotidienne daily (fem. adj,)
cloche bell, blister, steeple, bell tower
sauter to jump, skip, leap, spring
la chaussée the road, the pavement
ondulés undulate, ripple, billow, corrugate, dimple (2nd pers. present of ondulér)
vent wind
contourner to get around, bypass, circle, distort
le coup de fil the call, phone call
coup blow, hit, stroke, shot, knock, bash
usé worn, worn out, hackneyed
chandail sweater, sweatshirt, pullover
manche sleeve, handle, shaft, round (as a noun)
enfiler to pull on, to string, to pile, to thread, to slip on
demeurait was - remaining, staying, residing, living, dwelling (3rd pers. sing. continuous past of demeurer)
désuet outdated, obsolete, antiquated
abordable affordablek, reasonable, approachable
louait was - renting, leasing, lauding (3rd pers. sing. past continuous of louer)
aussitôt immediately, at once, instantly, right now
installe install, set up, put up, ensconce (1st pers present of installer)
engourdir to deaden, benumb
toute façon anyway, in any case
avait reculé had backed, had retreated, had postponed,mhad eased, had relinquished (3rd pers. sing. past perfect of reculer)
auparavant before, previously, formerly, early, ahead
tranquillement quietly, calmly, tranquilly
honteuse shameful, ashamed
bousculait was - shoving, jostling, hustling, knocking about (3rd pers. sing. past continuous of bousculer)
gérant noun: manager; verb: managing, running, administering, servicing (present participle of gérer)
plusieurs several, a number of, some
essais trials, testing, assay
constata noticed, established, ascertained, identified, recorded, certified (3rd pers. sing. simple past of constater)
étonnement noun: surprise, astonishment, amazement,; adv: surprisingly, startlingly
détendre to loosen, ease, slacken, unclench
imprégner to absorb, impregnate, imbue, soak
juteuse juicy
sentit felt (3rd pers. sing. simple past of sentir)
brusquement suddenly, abruptly, crisply, curtly
ramene return (1st pers. present of remener)
éveillé awake, bright, sharp
étourdie lightheaded
salle de séjour living room
séjour stay (noun), visit
effondrer to collapse
croustillante crispy, spicy, crunchy,,oven crisped
pause déjeuner lunch break
lécher to lick
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