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Vocabulary 7

French Vocabulary 7

juteux juicy
avoir mâché have chewed, have munched
réussis succeed ( 1st/2cd person sing. of réussir)
n'importe at all, no matter
avoine oat, oats
devras will have, will owe, will exercise, will task ( 2cd person sing. of devoir)
boulots jobs
tondre to mow, shear, clip, fleece
pelouse lawn, turf
sacré sacred, holy, damned
ensommeillé sleepy, drwosy
sauté hors popped out
sauté jumped, skipped, leapt (past participle of sauter)
subissait was suffering, was undergoing (3rd person past continuous of subir)
décalage shift, lag, offset, skew, staggering
horaire noun: schedule, timetable; adj: hourly
avait amené had brought, hsd fetched, had taken (3rd pers. past perfect of amener)
ramené reduced
ouais yeah, yep
j'ai hâte I look forward, I can't wait
hâte noun: haste, speed, hurry; verb: hasten (1st pers. of hâter)
en forme in shape, fit, contoured, in good health
à nouveau again, anew, afresh
plaisanta joked, jested (3rd person simple past of plaisanter)
récoltant collecting, harvesting, reaping ( present participle of récolter )
gémissement wailing, moaning, whining, groaning
tentent try, attempt, assay (3rd person plural present of tenter)
rendormir to put to sleep again
activait was operating, was activating, was starting, was expediting (3rd person sing. of activer)
blague noun: joke, witticism; verb: joke (1st person present of blaguer)
plaignait was complaining, was pitying, was having compassion for (3rd pers. sing. past countinous of plaindre)
paraissent appear, seem, look, perform (3rd person plural present of paraître)
paraissaient were appearing, were seeming, were performing, were looking (3rd person plural past continuous of paraître)
ronfler to snore
pistolets à eau water pistols
pistolet gun, pistol, roll, sandwich
la veille yesterday, the previous day, the day before
veille noun: eve, day before, vigil; verb: care, worry (1st pers present of veiller)
éclabousser to splash, to splatter, to drop
attentivement attentively
peau skin, hide, fur, pelt
morceau piece, bit, fragment, patch
acquiescent nod, acquiescence (3rd pers. plural present of acquiescer)
acquiescèrent nodded, acquiescenced (3rd pers. plural past simple of acquiescer)
jaillir to spout, gush, spurt, shoot, slosh
hurlant adj: howling; verb: howling, screaming, screeching, yelling (present participle of hurler)
prévu planned, expected, allowed, scheduled, designed
fallut needed, had to ( 3rd pers simple past of falloir)
tandis while
grincheux noun: crank; adj: grumpy, cranky, crabby, scowling
asperger to sprinkle, spill off, spray
énerver to annoy, mull, rile, chafe, get on
trempée soaked, soaked
mouillée wet
quoi qu'il en soit anyway, be that as it may, in any event
tendit tightened, stretched, reached (1st person simple past of tendre)
pâté de maison a block, a block away
pâté dough, paté
à un pâté de maisons in one block
irons will go, will travel (1st pers plural future if aller)
enfilèrent threaded, filed, strung, put on (3rd person plural past simple of enfiler)
héla hailed, flagged down, called out (3rd person simple past héler)
entouré surround, encompass, encircle, border (1st person present entourer)
émerveillés marvel, amazed ( 3rd person )
étonnante amazing
appareil photo camera
appareil device, system, machine,mequipment, unit
à un moment donné at one point, at a certain point, at some point
donné given
prêtant noun: stretchiness; verb: lending ( present participle of prêter)
escalier staircase
colimaçon spiral
purent verb: grazed (3rd person pluralmsimple past of paître) verb: could, might (3rd person plural simple past of pouvoir)
voûté vaulted, vaulted, hunched, round-shouldered
etendre to extend, ecpand, stretch, smear, adulterate
intervint intervened, conversed, occurred, stepped in, ( 3rd pers. past simple of intervenir)
par le biais de via, by way of, by means of, through
biais angle, bias, skew
divertissement entertainment, amusement, frolic, fun
fond background, ground, bottom, stamina, endurance
pour le fond for background
taquina teased, baited, chaffed, ribbed, joshed (3rd pers. simple past of taquiner)
ricana giggled, sniggered, sneered (3rd person past simple of ricaner)
vaut worth (3rd pers. present of valoir)
foule crowd, mob, multitude, drove
meilleur best, better
ventes sales
attirait was attracting, was luring, was wiling (3rd pers. past continuous of attirer)
complot conspiracy, plot
atteint adj: affected, stricken; verb: achieves, attains, reaches, accomplishes (3rd pers. sing. of atteindre)
indice clue, index, evidence, sign, ratio
du moins at least
moins adv: ess, fewer.; preposition: minus
dénoncer to denounce, to denunciate, to turn in, to inform on
ébouriffant adj: staggering; verb: ruffling, rumpling, disheveling (present participle of ébouriffer)
mignon cute, charming, dainty, graceful
pouffer de rire to burst out laughing
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