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Vocabulary 6

French Vocabulary 6

les travaux the works
non traduit untranslated
traduit (inf: traduire ) translates
épais thick, fat, dense, stupid
foncé dark, dark colored
os bone
hauteur height, pitch, altitude, head room
attente expectation, wait, waiting, delay, standby, expectancy
dirait would say, would tell, seems, give the impression
attriste ( inf: arrister ) sadden, distress
vécu noun: awareness; verb: lived, existed, been
d'entre eux of them
beaucoup d'entre eux many of them
effondrée crushed, shattered, distraught
atterrissage landing, touchdown
détruira to destroy, desturct, quash
aurais fui would have fled
fui ( inf: fuir ) fled
bouleversent ( inf: bouleverser ) upset, rattle, upend, convulse (3rd person plural)
haineux full of hate, resentful
spectacle show, sight, spectacle
impliquait ( inf: impliquer ) was involving, was implying, was implicating
davantage further, more
connaissance knowledge, awareness, consciousness, cognizance
provenait ( inf: provenir ) was coming, was originating, was resulting
époque time, era, epoch
pardon forgiveness
composant jnoun: component; verb: composing, dialing, typesetting
plomb lead
bague ring, bushing
autre other,melse alternative
nomma ( inf: nommer ) appointed, called, nominated, named
dépensaient ( inf: dépenser ) were spending, were expending, were outlaying
endormi sleeping, aslerp, sleepy
mené driven, guided
enfer hell
éviter to avoid, avert, prevent, evade
magnifique gorgeous, magnificent, splendid, superb, grand
mortelle deadly, mortal, fatal, lethal
chute drop, fall, collapse
adj: born; verb: arise, sprung, be born ( inf: naitre)
âme soul, soundpost, heart of hearts
pari bet, gamble, wager
touchait ( inf: toucher ) was touching, was affecting, was contacting, was sinking
espérer to hope, to look forward
souvint ( inf: souvenir) remembered (3rd person past simple)
pouce inch, thumb
piquant adj: hot, spicy, tart; verb: stinging, filching, prickling, quilting ( verb inf : piquer); noun: zest
frire to fry
faire to do, to make, to produce, to perform
de mais maize (corn)
fécule starch
fécule de mais cornstarch
riz vapeur steamed rice
cuisson cooking, baking, firing, roasting
liens links, bonds, ties
relient (inf: relier) link, bond, tie (3rd person plural)
veut dire mean to say, want to say
gére (inf: gérer) manage, run, administer, service
enregistreuse register (noun)
caisse enregistreuse cash register
caisse checkout, case,mtill, coffer
remua (inf: remuer) moved, shifted, wriggled (3rd person past simple)
moulin mill, grinder
coule (inf: couler) flow, sink, cast, melt, leak
passablement passably, reasonably well, tolerably
équipe noun: team, side, shift, squad; verb: equip, rig, gear ( inf: équiper)
chef chief, head, boss, chef
chef d'équipe team leader
espérons-le let's hope so
ça arrive it happens
inquiet worried, concerned, anxious, nervous
comptent count, calculate, reckon, tally (3rd person plural of compter)
à propos about, incidentally, by the way
coup de pied kick
amertume bitterness, rancor
mettrais les pieds set foot
mettrais would put, would set, would lay down ( inf: mettre)
secoua shook, rocked, yanked, agitated ( 3rd person past simple of secouer)
bouge noun: dive, dump, sleazy bar; verb: shift, move, budge (inf: bouger)
réunissent connect, asdemble, combine, unite ( inf: réunir)
uniquement only, solely, purely
aies have, obtain (present subjunctive of avoir)
m'apprennes teach me
accroître to increase, augment, widen, enlarge
commence begin, commence, start
salir to dirty, stain, soil, slander, sully, defile
prirent took, got, collected, assumed (3rd person past somple of prendre)
torréfaction roasting
burent drank, tanned, fuddled ( boire 3rd person plural past simple)
renifla sniffled, sniffed, nosed (3rd person singular for renfiler)
louange noun: praise, commendation; verb: praise 3rd person sing. for louanger)
argenterie silverware, silver, mony
bouchée mouthful, bite, morsel
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