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Junior Cert History

Explorers People who traveled the world the world in search of riches for their country
Scurvy disease caused by lack of vitamin C
Empire A group of nations ruled by another country
Caravel new kind of ship that was clinker built with lateen sails
Clinker built Ships built with overlapping planks of wood for stregth
Lateen sails Triangular sails that could sail against the wind
Conquistador Spanish word for soldier
Latitude Distance from the Equator
Compass An instrument that shows direction
Quadrant Used to find latitude by looking at the position of the north star
The Treaty of Tordesillas An agreement between Spain and Portugal to split the "New World" betwen them
Christianity Europeans wanted to spread Christianity to the Colonies
Sagres A port in Portugal. Many mapmakers and instrument makers came here o exchange ideas and learning
Log, line and knots A method of measuring speed at sea
Astrolabes Used to find a ships latitude
Heathens Christians called other reigions this becauase th worshipped false Gods
Aztec Native empire in Mexico conquered by Cortes
Inca Native empire in Peru
Created by: Dayna Amrein