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The Roman Empire

Junior Cert History

Pompeii City destroyed by Vesuvius
Vesuvius Volcano
Patricians Rich Romans
Plebians Poor Romans
Slave Bottom of social scale
Gladiators Fighter (sometimes fought against lions)
Domus Rich persons house
Atrium Hallway
Peristyle Garden
Mural Wall painting
Mosaic small pieces of tile put together to make a picture
Fresco Painting on wet plaster
Aqueduct Brought water to the towns
Insulae Poor persons house
Forum Meeting place/Square
Cena Main meal
Tunic Long shirt
Stola Woman's robe
Toga Men's robe
Circus Maximus Building for chariot racing
Colesseum Building for gladiator fights
Ampitheatre Dramas/Plays
Baths Public baths
Strigil Tool used to scrape off oil/dirt
Juno God
Mars God
Catacombs Underground burial places
Legion Army
Dole Money/food for the poor
Created by: Dayna Amrein