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Vocabulary 3

French Vocabulary 3

rembrunir to cast a gloom over
engouffre engulf, gobble
enfin finally, at last, ultimately
vu verb: seen; preposition: considering
déja already, yet, by now, before now
débrouiller to untangle, to unravel
selon preposition: according to, by, depending on, as per; conjunction: following
filer to feel, to shift, to bow, to dash off, to spin
l'état the state
de état status, condition
état condition, status
bout de forces Exhausted
forces strengths
fit made, did, performed, produced
tenir to hold, to hang onto
agissait was acting, was behaving
pianoter to strum, to tap
moche ugly
feutrée hushed, quietly, softly
hoche; hocher nods; to nod
hument sniff
voire indeed, or even
tressaille thrill, quiver, flinch
amortisse amortize, attenuate, damp, subdue, deaden
mèche wick, fuse, draim
calant wedging, timing, chocking
raviser to change one's mind, to reconsider, to think better of
sous son vrai jour its true colors
foulée noun: stride; adj: trodden
essoufflé; essouffler adj: out of breath, breathless; verb: to make breathless
essoufflées breathless
tente noun: tent; verb: attempted, tried, assayed
d'ailleurs moreover, besides
croisé adj: crossed, double-breasted; noun: crusader
manque lack, miss, fail
dérouiller to stretch, remove rust from, lossen up, get a hammering
se dérouiller un petit peu to stretch a little bit
se dérouiller to rust
peu little, few, sparsely
dont of which, whose, of whom
plutôt rather
de haute lutte hard-fought
lutte fight, struggle, wrestle
arrachée torn, snatch, uprooted
pont bridge, deck
pointe tip, point, peak, summit, spike, cusp
rangée rank
supplier to beg, beseech
brandi brandished, flourished
exaction abuse, brutality, violent act
rendra will make, will give, will return
tout adj: all; adv: very; pronoun: everything
réjouir to make glad, elate
par ailleurs Besides that, furthermore
ailleurs elsewhere, somewhere else, in another place
préalable adj: prior, preliminary; noun: prerequisite, precondition
justement exactly, precisely, just now
ètire stretch, pull, draw out
tapotaient tapping, rapping, patting
peine sorrow, sadness, difficulty, penalty, time, punishment
ça ne vaut pas la peine its not worth it
cille blink
raide stiff, steep, rigid, abrupt
ordure filth, jerk, garbage, filth, scumbag
en vouloir à blame, have a grudge against, have a grievance about
revivre to relive, to revive, to come alive again
rabat flap
pris adj: taken, engaged, busy; verb: took, got, set, collected, bedded (as with sex)
ragaillarde pepped, cheer up, exhilarate
écart gap, spread, deviation,
écarte spread, open, dismiss, discard, preclude
se rend goes, went
rend make, give, return
entretien interview, talk, maintenance, upkeep, servicing, audience
s'est déroulé took place
déroulé place
d'actualité topical, news
actualité topicality
renseignements information, inquiries
renseignement intelligence
sèment sow
estiment estimate, assess, rate, deem, reckon
au sein within
sein breast, bosom
parer to parry, evade, decorate, adorn, fend off
vive inquiétude trepidation, deep concern
inquiétude worry, anxiety, concern
compris adj: included; verb: understood, got, realized, comprehended
effroyable frightful, appalling, harrowing
assouplir to soften, to make supple
décompte noun: discount, deduction; verb: to discount
range tidy up, neaten
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