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Celtic Ireland

Junior Cert History

Celts Iron Age people who came from Europe
Hallstatt Place in Austria where evidence of the Celts has been found
La Téne place in Switzerland where the Celts came from
Ogham Celtic writing using lines and dots on stone
Bracae Men's woolen trousers
Tunic Shirt
Tara Broach Used to fasten clothes
Torc Necklace decorated with flower designs and spirals
Tuath Kingdom
Derbfine Royal family
Tanaiste Next in line to be king
Nobles Landowners, warriors and Aos Dána
Brehons Judges
Brehon Law Law followed by the Celts
Druids Priests
Filí Poets
Craftsmen Carpenters and Metalworkers
Rath/Ringfort/Cashel Round forts on a bank with a wooden fence
Souterrain Underground passage for storage
Crannóg Lake dwelling with a wooden bridge
Hillfort Fort on a hill
Promontory fort Fort built on a headland
Dún Aengus Promontory Fort - Aran Islands
God of the Afterlife Daghda
Ficheall Chess
Báire Hurling
God of warriors Lug
Festival on 1st Nov Samhain
Festival on 1st Feb Imbolg
Festival on 1st Aug Lughnasa
Aos Dána Judges, Druids, filí, craftsprople
How was society organised? King, Nobles, Aos dána, Farmers, Slaves
Created by: Dayna Amrein
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