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Vocabulary 2

French Vocabulary 2

savon soap
encombraient were cluttering, were encumbering, were congesting (3rd pers. plural past continuous of encombrer)
impitoyable ruthless, merciless
éprouva experienced, tested (3rd pers. sing. simple past of éprouver)
maître master, boss, ruler
passerait would pass, would spend, would place, would transfer (3rd pers. sing. future of passer)
lassera will tire, will weary (3rd pers. sing. present comtinous of lasser
déplacé adj: displaced, uncalled for, undue, craziest
chez at, to
impression printing, print, impression, trace
oeuvres works
trompait was lying, was deceiving, was beguiling
serra squeezed, tightened
pareil the same, like, similar, alike, such
tas heap, pile, mass, multitude
tant as, so many, so much, equally, that much
pars, c'est tout go, that's all
pars leave, shift, discharge, set out (1st pers. sing. present of partir)
plissèrent narrowed, puckered, wrinkled, squinted, pursed, tucked
nouêrent knotted, tied, looped (3rd pers. plural simple past of nouer)
bander to stretch, bandage, wind up
gênée embarrassed, ill at ease
traînasser to dawdle, dilly dally, muck around
surement probably, definitely, securely
surmener overstrain, overwork, overtax
rasséréna Calmed down, reassured
rebelle noun: rebel, maverick; adjective: rebellious, wayward, disobedient
remise noun: discount, allowance, rebate, delivery
obstiné obstinate, stubborn, willful
tituba staggered, reeled, lurched (3rd pers. sing. simple past of tituber)
intention intention, plan, intent
tant pis too bad, oh well
puis and then, subsequently, next, afterwards
pis noun: udder; adverb: worse
quand même still, however, nevertheless
même adjective: same, self; pronoun: itself. adverb: equally
s'affairer to bustyle, fuss about
anéantie adj: destroyed, ruined, exhausted
emprise noun: hold, influence, grip
quant about, as
coup de tête headbutt
mouillait was wetting, was raining, was anchoring (3rd pers. sing. past continuous of mouiller)
dégrafa unhooked, unbuckled, unfastened (3rd pers. sing. simple pasr of dégrafer)
chatouillement noun: tickling
resserrèrent tightened, constricted, narrowed (3rd pers. plural simple past of resserrer)
chevaucha rode, sat astride (3rd pers. sing. simple past of chevaucher)
ôter to remove, doff, take off, takeaway, get rid of
cru adjective: raw, rough; verb: believed, gathered, deemed, thought (past participle of croire)
glousse chuckle, giggle, chortle (1st pers. present of glousser)
balader to stroll, take a walk
angoisse anguish, anxiety
se repose rest, recline (1st pers. present of reposer)
cillant blinking (present participle of ciller)
a reculé has eased, has reduced, has decreased (3rd pers. sing. present perfect of reculer)
collant noun: tights, leotard, pantyhose; adjective: tacky, sticky, clinging; verb: sticking, pasting, gluing (present participle of coller)
tâtent feel, handle, grope, sound out, try (3rd pers. plural present of tâter)
lambine noun: slowcoach; adj: slow; verb: dawdle, dillydally (1st pers. pres. of lambiner)
saisir to grasp, hold
rembrunit cloud, grow somber (3rd pers. sing. present of rembrunir)
regard noun: look, glance
interrogateur noun: interrogator, examiner, questioner; adj: questioning, interrogatory
reposant adj: relaxing, restful; verb: couching, lying, putting down again (present participle of reposer)
tient holds, mans (3rd pers. sing. present of tenir)
judas peephole, spyhole
ressortant emerging, standing out, showing up (present participle of ressortir)
épié watched, spied on (past participle of épier)
c'est-à-dire meaning, that is to say
prêtent lend, loan (3rd pers. plural present of prêter)
miner to undermine, subvert
frayant spawning, clearing (present participle of frayer)
relevé noun: statement; adj: spiced
élancé adj: slender, lank, willowy
môme noun: kid, tyke, munchkin
humé sniffed, smelled (past participle of humer)
blottissant snuggling, nestling (present participle of se blottir)
dossier noun: record, file, folder
soi oneself
plaisanter to joke, jest
claquant slamming, clicking, rattling, banging (present participle of claquer)
claquant des doigts snapping fingers
draguer to dredge, to hit on, to make a move on, to chat it up
vadrouille noun: mop; verb: rove about (1st pers. present of vadrouiller)
décroche pick up, unhook, unhitch (1st pers. present of décrocher)
gênes disturb, bother, hamper (2cd pers sing. informal present of gêner)
redresse straighten, correct, redress (1st pers. present of redresser)
repousse expel, reject, snub, regrow (1st pers. present of repousser)
en trombe like a whirlwind
trombe noun: waterspout, downpour
personne pronoun: no one, nobody; noun: person
trône noun: throne; verb: sit enthroned (1st pers. present of trôner)
nette adj: clear, net, clean cut
embrun noun: sea spray, spindrift
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