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100 Fun

Multi - Penia

multi- many, multiple, excessive; multiple scleraosis (MS)- hardening of the many nerves
mumps swelling; mumps- s a viral infection of the paraotid saliva gland near the ear
my/o- muscle; myoma- muscle tumor
myc/o- fungus; mycoid is resembling a fungus
mydri/o- to widen; mydrioptic- referring to when he pupil dilates to widen the vision
myelo- spinal cord or bone marrow; myelogram- recording of activity of the spinal cord
myring/o- eardrum; myringtiis- inflammation of the eardrum
myx/o- mucus; myxoid- resembling mucus
nano- 1 billionth
narc/o- sleep; narcolepsy- suddenly falling into sleep
nares nose opening; nares
nas/o- nose; nasal- referring to the nose
nat- birth; natal- referring to birth
natri- sodium or salt; hypernatremia- increase in sodium or salt in blood
navicul/o- boa or boat shaped; navicular- referring to a boat shaped ankle and wrist scaphoid bones)
necr/o- death, dead, dying; necrotic- referring to death or dying things
neo- new; neoplasm- a new growth
nephr/o- kidney; nephritis- inflammation of kidney
neur/o- nerve; neuralgia- nerve pain
neutr/o- neither or neutral; neutrophile- WBC that stains with a neutral PH of 7
nev/o- birthmark; nevus referring to a birth mark like moles or stains
nigra- black; nigra bodies- black structures in the nucleus
nin/o- nine; ninus- pertaining to nine
noct/i- night or blind; nocturia- urination at night
-noia mind; paranoia- beyond the mind; loss of reality
nucle/o- nut; nucleus- referring to the nut shaped
null/i none or no; nullipara- having a null or voided birth
nutri/o- to nourish; nutrition- the process of creating nourishment
-o/pexy to fixate, attach, sew; nephropexy- the process of fixing the kidney by sewing back
-o/plasty repair or plastic surgery; rhinoplasty- to repair the nose through surgery
-o/rrhagia bursting forth or heavy flow; menorrhagia- having an extremely heavy flow
-o/rrhea discharge or flow; menorrhea- having monthly discharge or flow
-o/rrhexis rupture or protrusion; enterorrhexis- a small rupture in the intestine
oblique side-long or slanted; oblique- side or slanted at about 45 degree angle
obstetr/i- midwife; obstetrics- pertaining to childbirth
occipit/o- back of the head; occipitotomy- opening on the back of the head
occlusi/o- closure or blockage; occlusion- process of closure or blockage
occult/o- hidden; occulta- referring to the hidden condition
oct/o- eight; octagon- having eight sides
ocul/o- eye
odont/o- tooth; odontoid- resembling a tooth
-oid resembling; lipoid- resembling fat
oleo- oil; oleo one letter off from oil, Olive Oil
-oleum oil; petroleum- stone oil
olfact/o- smelling or smell; olfactory
olig/o- few, scanty, slight, little; oligomenorrhea- having a very light period
-ology science or study of, process of
-oma tumor or swelling; carcinoma- cancer swelling
omo- shoulder; omobursitis- inflamation of the shoulder
omphal/o- navel or umbilicus; omphalectomy- removal of the ubilicus
onc/o- tumor; oncology- the study of out of control tumors known as cancer
onych/o- nail; onchyofidia- a spilt nail
oophoro- ovary; oophoritis- inflamed ovaries
ophthalm/o- eye or eyeball; ophthalmologist- person who studies the eyes
opisth/o- backwards (bending); opisthotonus- muscle contractions that allow the head to bend backwards
opto- vision, sight, eye; optometrist- person who corrects vision
ora- mouth; oral- pertaining to the mouth
orb- circle or dish; orbital- eye socket (the circle orb part)
orchi/o- teste or seed producer; orchioma- tumor in the testes
-orexia appetite; anorexia- without appetite (not hungry)
-orrhaphy suturing or repair; neurorrhaphy- procedure where you suture or repair the nerve
orth/o- staight, normal, correct; orthodontic- braces to straighten teeth
os- mouth; tracheostomy- cut open a whole in the windpipe to create a mouth to breath out of
oscill/o- to swing; oscillograph- an instrument to measure the swinging
-ose sugar; maltose- malt sugar
-osis condition of or disease; scoliosis- disease causing crooked spine
osmo- smell; anosmia- referring to not having a smell
oste/o- bone; osteopath- disease caused by bone
-ostomy mouth like opening produced by surgery; colostomy- opening a mouth like hole in the colon
ot/o- ear; otitis- inflammation of the ear
-otomy cutting, to cut, cut into; anatomy- the procedure cutting apart the body to see what's inside
-otripsy crushing or to crush; lithotripsy- crushing up stones to get ride of kidney stones
ov/o- egg; ovary- referring to the eggs
ox/y- sharp or oxygen molecules; oxyopia- referring to very sharp vision
pachy- thick; pachydermia- referring to having thick skin
palat/o- palate, plate or plate of the mouth roof; palatoplasty- repairing the roof of the mouth or your mouth plate
pall/o- pale or lack of color; pallor- one who is pale or lacking color
palm/a- palm or palm of hand; palmar- referring to the palm
palpat/o- touching or to touch; palpation- processing of touching
palpebra- eyelid; palpebritis- inflammation of the eyelid
palpit- quivering or fluttering; palpitation- process of quivering or fluttering of the heart
palsy- slight or moderate paralysis; Cerebral palsy- paralysis of the brain or injury to brain that causes temporary or permanent loss of sensation, movement, control)
pan- all, total, complete; pandemic- a complete total disease spreading everyone
papilla- nippily; papillary- state of being a nipple
para- near, beside, beyond, around, similar, abnormal; parathyroid- near shield shaped resembling
-paresis paralysis; hemiparesis- condition of being half paralyzed
pariet/o- wall or partition; parietal- referring to the wall of a cavity
part/o- birth or labor; postpartum- referring to after birth
patell/o- little dish or knee cap; patellar- referring to the knee cap
path/o- disease; pathology- science of disease
paus/o- stoppage; menopausal- referring to the monthly stoppage
pect/o- chest; pectoral- chest or breast area referring
ped- foot or feet; pedal- a foot operated pedal
pedi- child; pediatrics- medicine treating children
pedicul/o- lice; pediculosis- condition of having lice
peli- purple; peliosis- condition of being purple
pell- skin; pellagra- having skin
pelvi/o- base, basin, pelvis; pelvic- referring to the basin that is bound by hip bones and the sacrum
pen/o- tail, organ of copulation, penis; penitis- inflammation of penis
-penia decrease in number; luekocytopenia- decrease in the number of WBC's
Created by: kccroy
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