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JES-S.S. Ch. 6

____________ ______________ - France's sale of land west of the Mississippi River to the United States Louisiana Purchase
_____________ _____________ _______ __________ - A group of states that joined together to form a new government Confederate States of America
________ ______ - the northern states The Union
_________ _______ _____ - a war also known as The War Between The States The Civil War
_______ - the period between 1865-1877 - southern states rebuilt their cities Reconstruction
The Louisiana Purchase gave the United States ___________________________ control of the Mississippi River
After the Louisiana Purchase, Americans could ______________________________ move west to own their own land
Louisiana became a state in the United States i n______ 1912
Many people in the south feared the government would pass a new law ____________________ ending slavery in all states
Louisiana's capital was moved to Baton Rouge in __________ 1849
Some southern states formed the Confederate States of America. _________________________________ Louisiana joined the Confederacy in 1861
________________became a general in the Confederate Army when the Civil War began P.G.T. Beauregard
Confederate and Union soldiers fought a battle at _________________________________________ Port Hudson, Louisiana in 1863
Louisiana became a part of the Union again _____________________ during Reconstruction
A big change that took place during Reconstruction in Louisiana was that __________________________________ African American men could vote for the first time.
Created by: maria.miller78