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Vocab 1

French vocabulary 1

douane customs
l'escale the stopover
l'etiquette the label
haut parleur loud speaker
l'horaire schedule
livraison delivery
passerelle gateway, footbridge, gang plank
ne vous en faites pas Do not worry
couleuvres snakes
fouetter To whip , flog, lash, ping
bête Adjective: stupid; Noun: beast
pouce thumb, inch
soif thirst
voeux greeting or wishes
sapin; Sapin de Noël fir: Christmas tree
défilé parade, procession
judas peephole
avéra proved, revealed (3rd pers. sing. simple past of avérer)
meurent die (3rd pers. plural present of mourir)
noyé adj: drown out, bathed; verb: drowned, flooded (past participle of noyer)
mises noun: bets, stakes; verb: ante, wager, bet (2cd pers. inf. sing. present of miser)
mis placed, put, set, applied (1st pers. simple past of mettre)
mise à jour update
en cause adj: in question, involved, at issue
déplacé adj: moved, transferred, displaced
août August
gueule mouth, trap, jaws
cafard Noun: cockroach, sneak
de ferraille scrap
tondre les pelouses mow lawns
écarquiller to open wide
sache can, know - (first and third person present subjunctive of savoir)
les frais Expenses
frais fresh, cool, fees, cost
adossa leaned (3rd pers. sing. simple past of adosser)
suce suck, blow (1st pers. present of sucer)
suça sucked, blew (3rd pers. sing. simple past of sucer)
pétrissaient were kneading (3rd pers. plural continuous past of pétrir)
rentre to return, go back, retract
lâcherait would release, would unhand, would unleash (3rd pers. sing. continuous present of lâcher)
chancelante adj: Shaky, staggering, faltering
faut must, needs (3rd pers. sing. present of falloir); fails (3rd pers. sing. present of faillir)
osé adj: daring, naughty, erotic
penaude adj: sheepish, hangdog
amer bitter
culot chutzpah, cheek, sauce, neck, sass
courant noun: current; adj: common, standard; verb: running, racing, accruing (present participle of courir)
cours course, lesson
cour court, courtyard
opina nodded (3rd pers. sing. simple past of opiner)
plane verb: glide, float, hover over, soar (1st pers. present of planer)
devinaient were divining, were guessing (3rd pers. plural past continuous of deviner)
emmener to bring, to take
changer d'avis to budge, to change one's mind
avis view, opinion, advice, notice
trôner to sit enthroned
onde wave
rampa crawled, crept, groveled (3rd pers. simple past of ramper)
gêne noun: discomfort, difficulty; verb: disturb, hamper, bother (1st pers. present of gêner)
bandait was bandaging; was stretching, was winding up (3rd pers. sing. continuous past of bander)
verge penis
referai will remake, will redo, will repack (1st pers. future of refaire)
goinfre noun: glutton, hog; adj: gluttoness
embarras noun: embarrassment, distress, awkwardness
plissa furrowed, pleated, wrinkled, pursed (3rd pers. sing. simple past of plisser)
poil nap, bristle, hair
partiels Adjective: partial Noun: exam, test
soignée careful, well-kept, immaculate, meticulous
emballa packed, wrapped (3rd pes. sing. simple past of emballer)
tortillait was wriggling (3rd pers. sing. continuous past of tortiller)
arqua arched, curved (3rd pers. sing. simple past of arquer)
cabrèrent reared, bucked (3rd pers. plural simple past of cabrer)
fixait was fixing, was setting, was assessing, was securing, was attaching (3rd pers. sing. past continuous of fixer)
relevant la tête looking up, raising the head
donne noun: order; verb: give, deal, issue, donate (1st pers. present of donner)
gargouillait was gurgling, was rumbling (3rd pers. sing. continuous past of gargouiller)
égard respect, consideration
à vif raw, open
entrainer to train, to drive, to entail, to sway, to coach
toujours always, still, forever
fil thread, wire
rapport report, connection, link
envers preposition: towards; noun: other side
mépriserais would despise, would scorn, would hold in contempt (1st pers. conditional present of mépriser)
entendu heard (past participle of entendre)
dégrafer unhook, unbuckle, unfasten
clapotaient were splashing, were lapping (3rd pers. plural continuous past of clapoter)
à peine barely, hardly, scarcely, thinly, minimally
fondait was establishing, was buiding, was founding (3rd pers. sing. past continuous of fonder)
loque noun: rag, wreck
dégoûtaient were disgusting, were sickening, were nauseating (3rd pers. plural past continuous of dégoûter)
éclat shine, flash, chip, splinter
éclats shards, bits
chamade wildly
assourdissait was deadening, was stunning (3rd pers. sing. past continuous of assourdir)
étourderie thoughtlessness, thoughtless blunder
cogna banged, bumped, bashed, jarred (3rd pers. sing. simple past of cogner)
quelconque any, ordinary
effleura brushed, touched lightly
la manche sleeve
d'un bond at a bound
cendrés ashes, dust
hérissa bristled, aroused, excited, jostled, made angry (3rd pers. sing. simple past of hérisser)
radoteurs drivellers
enfila threaded, strung, pulled (3rd pers. sing. simple past of enfiler)
enjôleur Slick, glib, wheedling
rattraper to catch up, to recapture, to win back
soulagea relieved, alleviated, facilitated (3rd pers. sing. simple past of soulager)
jurer to swear, to curse
savonna lathered, soaped (3rd pers. sing. simple past of savonner)
tondre to mow, shear, clip, fleece
pelouses lawn, turf
vif adj: keen, sharp, lively, acute, alert
vante boast (first and third pers. sing. of vanter)
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