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Ch.2: World War

Socials 11

Militarism to prep your armed force for war
Triple Alliance Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy in 1914 Italy did not follow the Triple Alliance and joined the Triplet Entente
Triple Entente alliance between France, Britain and Russia
Black Hand a terrorist group that wanted to free Bosnia from Austria-Hungary
Profiteering making a profit by raising prices on needed goods
War Measures Act the federal government gets emergency powers during war time, including the right to detain people without laying charges
Enemy Alien a person living in a country that is at war with their country
Internment Camp a government-run camp where people who are considered a threat are detained
Schlieffen Plan Germany's plan to go to war with Russia in the east and France in the west
Western Front the area of fighting (Western Europe)
War of Attrition a military strategy to ware out the enemy before using yours
Victory Bonds bonds by the Canadian government to support the war
Honour Rationing Canadians used less food and supplies to conserve
Military Service Act an Act in 1917 that made conscription compulsory for all Canadian men between ages of 20-45
Conscription forced enlistment in the armed forces of all fit men of certain ages
Conscientious Objector a person who doesn't go to war for religious or moral reasons
Military Voters Act an Act that allowed men and women overseas to vote
Wartime Elections Act Canadians except conscientious and immigrants who came from enemy countries were not aloud to vote
Khaki Election when Borden won the military vote
Union Government liberals and independents who favoured conscription and governed Canada from 1917 to 1920
Central Powers German Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Bulgaria
Hundred Days Campaign Allies launched attacks to stop Germany
Armistice a truce to end the war
Paris Peace Confrence a meeting in Paris to discuss the terms of a peace agreement after the First World War
Treaty of Versailles terms of peace between Germany and the Allies
War Guilt Cause an article in the Treaty of Versailles that made Germany responsible for the first world war
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