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SS LA Envir/Economic

SS6: Latin America Environmental/Economic forces

Causes of air pollution in Mexico City Vehicle and factory emissions
How does Mexico City's geography contribute to the air pollution problem? Sierra Madre Mountains trap the car and factory emissions
Actions that the government of Mexico City has taken to improve air quality Driving restrictions (ex: can only drive 3 days per week)
Factors that contribute to the rain forest being destroyed in Brazil 1. building new roads 2. logging 3. mining 4. new settlements 5. farming 6. cattle ranching
Deforestation Cutting down trees
GDP Total amount of goods produced in a year
Major cause of oil pollution in Venezuela Oil spills and tanker leaks
3 questions that all economic systems must ask What to produce -- how to produce -- for whom to produce
Mixed economy Economic system: people - not the government - own land, factories, and businesses
Command economy Economic system: GOVERNMENT decides what is produced and how much is produced
Communist countries - economy closely related to Command economy
Trade barrier discourages trade by placing a tax on foreign goods Tariff
What one currency (money) is worth in terms of others Exchange rate
Purpose of a tariff To increase prices of imported goods
NAFTA stands for North American Free Trade Agreement
Purpose of NAFTA Formed trade agreements between US, Mexico, and Canada
Quota Limits number of products made
US decides not to have any trade relations with Cuba. What is the trade barrier? Embargo
Specialization promotes _________ between countries. trade
1 US dollar = 10 Mexican pesos Exchange rate
Created by: Lynn - TCMS