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Sociology Midterm

Midterm review

Definition of sociology Study of social life and interaction/ behaviors of groups of people and societies. Helps us understand what, why, how public issues and personal troubles arise.
What is C. Wright Mills theory? Personal troubles are related and can be translated into public issues when a pattern occurs within large numbers of people.
What is the sociological imagination? Applying imaginative thought to asking or answering sociological questions
Example of Personal Problems & Social Issues. Suicide- Taylor Clementi: gay student got exposed & jumped off the roof
Define social change Any significant alteration overtime in behavior patterns and cultural values and norms
Define social group Two or more people who interact with one another, share similiar characteristics and collectively have a sense of antsy.
Define social movement Large informal grouping of individuals or organization which focus on specific political or social issues to carry out, resist or undo a social change.
Define social inequality The existance of unequal opportunities and rewards statuses within a group or society.
Define social forces Aspects of social life that shape our actions as individuals
Define social identity A persons sense of who there are based on their group membership
Define social structure Our activities shape our world or give it structure
Define global perspect How we are connected to societies around the globe. The ways in which we relate to eachother face to face forms part of a larger social setting
Name the early theorist Auguste compete, Emile Durkheim, Karl Marx, Max Weber, George Herbert.
Define functional perspectuve The human body parts must function well for the body to function well
Define conflict perspective See the world in a state of continue struggle , society is made of competing groups in conflict about power and resources.
Define interactionist perspective Symbolic interactionism significant for understanding the social world.
What is a Theory ? A statement that try to explain problems, actions, or behaviors
Types of research ? Ethnography, surveys, experiments
1. Defining the problem Select a topic, how does it fit in with what we know about the topic
2, Review the evidence Review the existing research on the topic
3. Developed a hypothesis A thought about what is actually going on
4. Design the research Decide how to collect the data
5. Carry out the research Who are the subjects? How do you find them? Will you be able to access records? Collect Data
6. Interpret the results Data should be analyzed to identify and track trends and tell a story that can address the research question
Industrial Evolution Period in time we origin sociology as science
Define Macrosocialogy Study of entire societies or large scale social phenomenon
Define Microsocialogy Study of small groups or individuals . Behavior of people who have a face to face interactions
What are formal norms.? Reflected in our written laws. Society imposes a consequence for improper behavior
What are informal norms? Generally understood behaviors but they are not enforceable
What is socialization ? Process by which an innocent young child becomes a self aware , knowledgeable person who knows the culture I you which he was born.
What is social reproduction ? Children learn from their elders ways of behavior, norms, values and social practices
What does it mean to be re socialized ? Unlearning norms and learning new ones through the life course ex: marriage, retirement , divorce, marriage
What are ordinary routines? Things we do all the time- how we relate to social life
Define Agency Ability to act (make independent choices) and be creative to shape reality.
Define non-verbal communication Facial expression, body language, gestures
What can you say about body gestures ? Postures & gestures are not universally known among cultures
What is impression management ? Individuals live life like an actor on a stage, sensitive to how they are precieved in society.
What is save face? Approve who we are, leave a good impression, not to embarrass yourself or others
Created by: Honeyjane



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