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AQA Unit 9

Player/Performer Someone who is a specialist in an activity. They prepare players in skills and technique
Organiser Someone who controls an activity following rules and regulations
Leader/Coach Someone who brings together a competition at the right time and in the right place
Official Someone who is the designer of a performance to explore ideas, concepts and emotions
Tactics Pre-arranged and rehearsed strategies or methods of play
Technique The way someone carries out or performs a skill
Amateur Someone who takes part in sport as a pastime just for the enjoyment rather than financial gain
Professional Gets paid to play sport and their yearly income is based on this
Semi-professional Normally have a job but will be paid to take part in a sport (may work part time so they can fit in training)
Vocation A regular occupation which you would be particularly suited or qualified
Open Sport An activity that allows both amateurs and professionals to compete together
Shamateur An amateur that receives illegal payments
Accredited a recognised standard of award leading onto a higher learning level
Proficiency Being adequately or well qualified
BTEC, GCSE, GCE and Sport performance awards Accredited courses
Inclusion A policy where no-one should experience barriers to learning as a result of their disability, heritage, gender, SEN, sexual orientation, race or culture
Equity Something that is fair, just and impartial
Created by: mkgriffiths10
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