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Ms.Potter studytool

social studies 7th ;period yazmine bradford

The French and Indian War was fought between what to sides The French and Indians against the british
What piece of land the French and Indian fight on THE OHIO RIVER VALLEY
What was the primary reason the 13 colonies joined with the british to fight this war They wanted land
Who won the French and Indian War The British
What was King Georges view " we are in great debt- we must do all we can to avoid another war"
The Proclamation of 1763: Prevented the colonist from moving west
The Stamp Act: Taxed goods,placed a tax on all printed goods, required a a royal stamp
The Stamp Act Congress was a: Group of Englishmen who openly opposed the Stamp Act
The Quartering Act: Forced colonists to provide shelter and food to British soldiers
The Townsend Acts: Taxed glass,paint,paper,and tea
A patriot supports the ________ and a Loyalist supports the _______ Colonies,King
"Give me liberty, or give me death'' was a famous quote from what American patroit Patrick Henry
The first battle of the American Revolution occurred at: Lexington and Concord
What was the OLIVE BRANCH PETITION A letter sent to king asking for one last chance to make peace
What crime did the colonist commit Treason
What would most likely be said by a patriot " We want representation in parliament"
how did Jefferson show that king george was unfit to be a king He listed all the ways the king had violated their freedoms
What was the real reason the colonist grew so upset with king george they were not given a ''say'' in the taxes placed upon them
The main leadere of the '' sons of liberty'' was: Samuel Adams
Created by: YazmineBradford3



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